Consumer Sales Strategy: How Much Can Your Customers Afford?


One of the things you might think about when selecting a niche, a product or a price point is, "How much does my customer have to spend?" Never underestimate the fatness of a wallet or depths of a purse. There are customers dedicated to spending top dollar for luxury consumer goods. There are businesses that need premium solutions to nagging problems. In other words, there are rich buyers out there that need to spend a lot of money. Make sure you don't neglect them!

This can be a hard lesson to learn, especially for the person who wants to try Internet Marketing as a way to make a few extra dollars every month. It's just beyond the imagination of a person who's always running out of money before running out of month! If you're broke, don't assume that your best customers will be, too. Try thinking in terms of having plenty of money and wanting to use it to get more leisure and luxury.

Perhaps the best place for a hard-working neophyte to start making money online is to do all the really nasty, boring, mind-numbing chores that a rich person doesn't want to do. By offering products or services that automate chores or allow you to directly serve someone's needs on a regular basis, you can make a very good living. All you have to do is list all the things you'd pay someone else to do, if money was no problem. Then go see who's offering goods and services like that online and figure out a way to do the same, with your own Unique Selling Point.

Luxury goods are another way to really make a nice profit on just a few sales. Designer sunglasses that sell for more than a thousand dollars a pair are more attractive to sell than more than100 pairs of $10 sunglasses. You may think that paying all that money just for sunglasses is crazy. So what? Isn't it more important to think in terms of what your customer wants?

Now think about all the businesses out there that need goods or services. They're making a profit, they have a budget to spend - and you could be their "go to" source for whatever they may need. All you have to do is identify the really expensive things they use, use up and have to replace. How hard can that be?

This "rich market" is a fairly small percentage, compared to all the buyers online. The thing is, they spend almost three times the percentage of money that regular consumers spend. This segment is growing faster and faster, and is hungry for more. It's up to you to put yourself in front of this avalanche of money and get your share!

The idea here is to fix your thinking. If you think you have a money problem, you're wrong. You have a thinking problem when it comes to money. You might not be able to imagine the kind of income you could earn if you just allow yourself to envision big spenders as your customers. Try it, you'll like it!

Once you realize that nobody can see how broke you are, because you're hidden behind a Web site, blog or discussion forum identity, you'll start to loosen up and treat these well-to-do people as if they are like everyone else. You won't be afraid of them at all. You'll just give them what they want and they'll send you lots and lots of money! After all, you'll have made yourself valuable to them. Isn't that worth thinking about, instead of how broke you are?

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