Consumer Health Awareness Teaches About 10 Energy Boosting Healthy Snacks

By: Mel Joelle

With all of the weight watching and dieting that everyone seems to be engaged in, snacking has become almost a dirty word. Consumer Health Awareness wants to change that. By choosing the right kinds of foods to snack on, you will keep hunger away, and maintain your energy levels.

Here are the ten best snacks that Consumer Health Awareness recommends to boost your energy:


Fruit is always good for snacking. Most fruit is full of fiber and minerals and contains the healthy kinds of carbs that you need for a quick burst of energy. Any fresh fruit is a goof choice, but it is very easy to take along an orange, apple or banana.


Yogurt is an excellent snack. Yogurt has an ample amount of protein, which will chase hunger away by making you feel full. Add some berries or fresh fruit for a nice, healthy snack. Sprinkle cereal on top for a crunchy treat.


Most of us are probably not eating enough vegetables, and one way to add vegetables to your daily intake is by snacking on them! Fresh baby carrots, celery, red peppers, mushrooms, zucchini or snap peas make excellent, healthy snack fare.


Dip fresh vegetables into 1/4 cup of hummus and you will satisfy your hunger and add vitamins and fiber, all while boosting your energy as well. Hummus is made from very healthy chick peas, and the fiber will keep you feeling full.


Nuts are given a bad reputation, but they really are a healthy snack, just don't overindulge. About an ounce of nuts is all that you should allow yourself for a good snack. Nuts are full of good fats, omega-3's, vitamin E and fiber, which will make you feel full. The healthiest nuts for you to eat are almonds and walnuts.


Popcorn is a whole grain, so it is much healthier than pretzels or chips. It is low calorie and high fiber, which makes you feel full without wrecking your diet.

Half a Turkey Sandwich

A quick, energy boosting snack is lean turkey on whole wheat bread with a little mustard. This will satisfy hunger, and the carbs are enough to maintain your energy.

Soy Crisps

A snack that satisfies the desire for something crunchy, puffed soy protein will curb hunger and not add calories and oils like typical snack pretzels or chips.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes can certainly satisfy the need for a crunchy snack, and with high levels of protein and carbs, these snacks will keep your energy at a good level.

Trail Mix

Most trail mixes are a mixture of nuts and dried fruits. Dried fruit has most of the nutritional value of fruit, but trail mix is much easier to take with you. Always keep some with you for a quick, energy boosting snack.

Consumer Health Awareness wants people to know that snacking can be a good thing! Just choose the right snack foods and you will satisfy your hunger and boost your energy too.

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