Consumer Health Awareness Identifies Healthy Food Groups

By: Mel Joelle

Consumer Health Awareness has a mission to present facts to consumers on the many elements that can impact health and lifestyle. For good physical and mental health the body needs certain nutrients to feed cells, build muscle and tissue, and it needs exercise. These foods should be eaten in combinations from different food groups that give all the nutrients the body needs.

Information about healthy eating and living is present everywhere. In classrooms, on TV, on the web, in magazines and newspapers we find different options for how to eat, go on a diet and maintain health. Many people try different methods and often either feel disappointed in the results or cannot stay with the rigour of the diet. Consumers need accurate information so they can make healthy choices and not limited information that is presented to sell a product. Consumer Health Awareness focuses on making the right information available to consumers.

Healthy eating and exercise will bring each individual to their natural weight. It is unhealthy and unnecessary to participate in fad diets that are unnatural and can be harmful for the body. Weight loss is not the aim of eating healthy food, it is the by-product. Good health and a long productive life is the real aim. Many people feel it takes too much time to make healthy choices and they usually need to eat the quickest meal available. In the long run this will only promote excess weight, malnutrition, weakening of the arteries, muscles and tissues, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and tiredness. Good energy comes from good food.

Some of the information given by Consumer Health Awareness is how to replace foods high in sugar and fat for healthy alternatives. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and antioxidants. They are tasty and can be made into bite-sized snacks so they are easy to carry to work, school or shopping. Nuts are another easy and healthy alternative to processed foods that contain preservatives that let the body store unnecessary fat. Peanuts, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds and many more are easy to carry, high in protein, minerals and Vitamin B. They help the blood to clot in the way that strengthens the heart and improves circulation.

Sugar is one food that should be avoided as much as possible. This doesn’t mean no cookies at Christmas, but it does mean to avoid sugar laden carbonated drinks every day. Water is the best alternative and can have a squeeze of lemon or lime to vary the taste. It flushes out the system and carries fat cells to the kidneys for disposal.

Consumer Health Awareness has the facts and information to help anyone have healthy meals. They offer plans that are realistic for busy people to follow and maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. Once these facts are understood, there will be the motivation needed to adhere to the healthy meal plans from all of the food groups and alternative snack options. Consumer Health Awareness aims to save lives with the information offered when people make the right choices about the food they eat.

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