Consumer Health Awareness Advises On Getting Rid Of Acne Prone Skin Conditions

By: Mel Joelle

Consumer Health Awareness is committed to providing cutting edge, common sense information to anyone who is seeking to obtain information pertaining to better health. Being able to live one's life with acne free skin should not be difficult to secure, nor should it cost anything, and instead, we freely provide all the possible information needed to be without the symptoms of acne for as long as best practices are engaged.

What is Acne?

Whether due to the simple overproduction of sebum, or a bacterial infection of a pore, acne is caused when the body senses a disturbance in a follicle or pore, and increases inflammation-redness-in the area while also sending out killer T cells. These T cells eventually die and pus is formed, causing either a blackhead or whitehead, depending on the openness of the pore.

Who Has Acne and Why?

It may come as a surprise for some, that indigenous cultures who eat simple, wholesome meals and are not subject to industrial lifestyles, are completely free of acne and many other diseases of chronic inflammation. The key to their clear skin lies in diet and lifestyle choices which result in an immune system that does not overreact to minor stresses. This is the basis for the strategy that Consumer Health Awareness will advocate to secure healthy skin.

Probiotics, Antibiotics, and Inflammation

Many who have gotten sick-to some degree or another-in the past have, they felt, been forced to take antibiotics to eradicate an infection. Few realize that taking those antibiotics not only harmed the damaging bacteria that was causing their symptoms, it also severely damaged beneficial intestinal bacteria that assists in regulating immune system function and digestion. This imbalance in intestinal flora is a partial clue as to why some individuals experience acne and others do not.

The current advent of probiotics in yogurt and other forms is a good start to restoring intestinal bacteria, but a person that is serious about curing their acne should also pursue fermented foods that indigenous cultures have been using to restore their gut flora for hundreds of years. Consider naturally-no vinegar-pickling your own cucumbers or jalapenos, or making your own yogurt. Consuming fresh, fully cultured fermented foods along with a source of soluble fiber allows intestinal flora to populate, which then restores proper immune system function and leads to reduced inflammation.

Other Elements of Inflammation

Consumer Health Awareness understands that a complex condition such as acne is not simply the result of one bodily imbalance, and stresses that those who want to cure their acne pursue all the possible avenues of reducing inflammation to find their cure.

There are many causes of inflammation that many fail to recognize, one of which being a shortage of necessary vitamins, as lacking in potassium, magnesium, vitamin D, and even calcium can cause immune system function to go haywire. A poor diet and a lack of high intensity exercise can also spike inflammation, as high levels of insulin in the blood cause rampant inflammation. Omega 3 consumption is finally getting the attention it deserves, but many consumers still fail to reach the levels required to prevent the body from increasing inflammation, as well.

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