Consolidating Your Student Loans Could Put Money in Your Pocket

By: Gail Metcalf

The loan pre-requisites have been simplified greatly in the recent times, making it very easy for anyone, even those with bad credit, to get loans. The good thing about student loans is that you can study now and then pay your school expenses later on.

However, if you do not manage your student loans well, you could end up getting in a severe financial mess after graduating from college. Since many types of student loans would become payable the moment you graduate, you would definitely have a hard time paying off your debts if you have not been very prudent about getting the loans in the first place. There are so many advantages in consolidating student loans that it should be a top priority for you to do as soon as you graduate or even before.

When it comes to student loans, often the inability to pay is due to the fact that the person in question was unable to foresee all of the expenses that he / she would incur once they graduate and live on their own.

A direct student loan consolidation may be an excellent choice for you and your situation. Ask yourself a few questions, review all your statements and consider the fact that this may be a new beginning to getting your student loans paid off. Many students put off consolidating their student loans; however they may find out that it is very simple and can even put extra money in their pockets.

Are you having trouble with your monthly payments?

Are you finding yourself close to a loan default or want to avoid getting to that place?

These are important questions to ask yourself and be honest because honesty is the only way that you will know if a direct student loan consolidation is right for you.

To be eligible for a direct student loan consolidation you must have one or more direct or Federal Family Education Loan Program loans that are in good standing, repayment, deferment or default status.
If you have a loan that is in an in-school status, then it cannot be included in a direct student consolidation Loan.

An online student loan consolidation application should bring some anxiety and cause you to consider many things before submitting your application. It's important to know whether or not the site you apply on is secure. On your online student loan consolidation application there will be a listing of all your student loans, the account numbers, balances and name of all the lenders.

It seems like everywhere we go these days you are told and given information about a privacy policy. Your online student loan consolidation application contains so much information that you would never want it to get into the wrong hands. So each lender should have a privacy policy that protects you as an applicant.

Ask questions, most lender websites will have a telephone number for you to call, allowing you to inquire about their privacy policy. Lenders should guarantee that your financial information is confidential and protected through the use of firewalls, passwords and data encryption. Remember to ask your loan representative if your online student loan consolidation application is only seen by authorized personnel.

Shop around for the best possible terms and conditions and do not be afraid to ask for a little extra even from the leading banks. You may be surprised and you will end up with significant savings; not to mention the satisfaction that these savings are a wonderful bonus for you.

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