Consider the Benefits of Tower Crane Hire

By: Paul Gray

When you see a construction site, you cannot miss the array of construction equipment peppering the site. When a tall structure is being built, a necessary piece of equipment on the job site is a tower crane. A tower crane is one that is fixed to the foundation, although it can also be attached to the side of a structure. Cranes are used for lifting heavy loads. With a tower crane, its height allows for lifting up to or from extremely high places. Builders and construction companies have two options: buy a tower crane for use on all projects or engage in tower crane hire.

Tower crane hire is relatively new to the construction industry. Because cranes are a necessity on a construction job site, many businesses find that owning one is more cost effective than renting one. However, renting a crane saves money for many businesses because they do not have to spend additional money, on top of the purchase price, for maintenance or repair of the crane, to obtain licenses, or to hire trained crane operators. These cost-saving factors have created a booming business for companies that hire out cranes.

A great advantage of tower crane hire is the fact that oftentimes job sites require different types of cranes depending on the specific project. Because crane hire companies carry a wide variety of cranes for hire, construction companies can simply rent the specific type of crane they need for a specific job rather than having to purchase each type of crane. This also means that these construction companies do not need to have their own people trained on several different types of cranes. Furthermore, companies who hire out cranes typically are available online to provide help to contractors as needed. They also thoroughly train their crane operators in proper manning of the cranes, proper safety measures and equipment them with all of the necessary safety gear. This is especially important with tower crane hire due to the fact that operation of a tower crane requires a great deal of knowledge on how to safely operate this machinery to prevent accidents from occurring.

Tower crane hire is typically charged out at a flat monthly fee. This is for the use of the crane itself. You will also be charged for the time that the crane remains at the job site, for shipping the crane to the job site, manpower involved in assembling the crane at the start of the job and then to break it down at the end. There are also charges associated with rental of a mobile crane, which you will need for the actual assembly of the crane.

Although there may appear to be a lot of charges associated with tower crane hire, it will likely save you money in the long run. You do not have to worry about paying for quick repairs if the crane breaks down on the job. You will not have to spend money to train operators or cover insurance costs for those operating the machinery. You also do not have to shell out a bunch of money buying every different type of crane you will ever need to use on a job. All of the work is done for you, giving you also the added benefit of time.

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