Consider Cork Flooring for your Kitchen

By: Eric Slarkowski

If you're thinking about changing your floor covering then you should consider cork flooring. Many think of cork as just a utilitarian material for bulletin boards, trivets and wine bottles but that is not the case. Here are just a few of the benefits cork flooring has to offer.

Cork is a perfect insulating material (more so than wood or laminate) so it will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also insulates the sound which is particularly beneficial if you live in an apartment and have noisy neighbors. A cork floor is more comfortable than other types of flooring since it is soft. It makes for a perfect floor in the kitchen where you are on your feet a lot. Since it's a soft surface, dropped glassware is less likely to break and if you have toddlers, falls won't hurt as much.

Cork is environmental friendly since there is no deforestation involved. It is harvested from the cork oak tree. The bark is stripped from the tree without killing it and then the cork bark grows back is ready to be harvested again in about nine years.

Cork comes in a variety of colors and shades range from very dark to very light. There is also some cork that has been finished with patterns or textures such as marble and wood. Cork flooring can be made to match any home dcor.

Installing flooring with cork is as easy, if not easier, than other types of flooring. A sealant is applied to the dry sub floor so that moisture is prevented from getting into the cork. Cork is generally glued in place and they are even available in self adhesive backs so it makes installation even easier. The cork tiles can be easily cut with a razor to shape for corners and awkward angles. You won't have need for a router table to cut this flooring. After the tiles are glued in place you should use a floor roller to help adhere the tiles and ensure that it is level and even. Floor rollers, as well as other large pieces of equipment, can generally be rented from a home improvement or hardware store. The last step is to seal the floor with a clear urethane. For added protection apply several coats, sand lightly in between each coat.

Cork is easy to maintain. Just as with other types of wood flooring, you can sweep it and clean it with a damp mop. Don't use too much water and don't allow water to pool. Clean up spills immediately so it doesn't cause water damage.

After several years, the floor will start showing wear just as with other wood floors. Use a floor sander and lightly sand it evenly. Reapply the urethane sealer to protect against moisture.

So consider cork for your new flooring. It's comfortable, decorative and easy to install and maintain.

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