Conserve Water and Save on Your Water Bill with Dual Flush Conversion

By: Chris Robertson

Have you often wondered how you can save water when flushing the toilet without purchasing an expensive new toilet? If you own a traditional two-piece toilet, you can easily conserve water with dual flush conversion. This converts your old, water-wasting toilet to a new, more energy efficient one for only a fraction of the costs. You'll not only save time and money on buying the toilet, but also the expense of hiring a plumber to install a new toilet, which can cost several hundred dollars!

You may have already heard of the dual flush toilet. The dual flush system is one in which users have the option to flush for liquid waste or solid waste. Typically, a toilet really doesn't need to send much water through for liquid waste; however, with traditional flush systems, the same amount of water is used for both liquid and solid waste. This means an enormous amount of water is being wasted each time the toilet is flushed to dispose of liquid waste. The dual flush system is revolutionary in that it enables you to choose between the two settings so you can easily conserve water several times per day.

And now...instead of purchasing an entire dual flush toilet, you can opt for a dual flush kit, which can be easily installed in a traditional two-piece commode. A conversion kit creates a dual flush toilet with minimal cost and effort.

How It Works

The conversion kit is installed with new inner parts for your toilet and a new flush handle. If your toilet has a leaky flapper, this problem will be eliminated because the dual flush conversion kit does not use a flapper. Once installed, the dual flush enables you to select the quantity of water used for a flush with the flip of the handle. Just push the handle up for a full tank (solid waste) and down for a half tank (liquid waste).

Benefits of Dual Flush Toilet Conversion

Water conservation and a reduced water bill can now be a reality in your home by using a dual flush kit. You can turn your toilet into a "water saving toilet" in about a half an hour. There's no worry about going out to purchase a new toilet and matching it to your sink and can order a conversion kit online. Adding the dual flush feature automatically upgrades your toilet and reduces maintenance. Dual flush also reduces septic tank overflows, wastewater and sewage overload, and eliminates toilet disposal landfill issues. If you own a commercial building with restrooms, installing a dual flush conversion kit is tax deductible.

Before buying a conversion kit, take time to compare dual flush toilet options to be sure the kit is right for you. If you have a two-piece toilet (whether old or new), then your toilet is likely a good candidate. Look for a dual flush system that's backed by research with proven dependability, and also be sure the company offers a money-back guarantee. This will enable you to test dual flush conversion on your toilet to make sure it delivers what is promised. Start enjoying water savings today!

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