Confused & Don't Know Where To Start In Internet Marketing?


There are too many choices on the Internet. It's an embarrassment of riches. No wonder many people don't know where to begin their Internet Marketing efforts. Most of them end up doing nothing. The confused mind always says, "No", or at least, "Not yet."

Fortunately, there's a no cost (or low cost, if you prefer) way to begin that will teach you the basics and allow you to see the value of a long-term approach to your business. It's called "Bum Marketing". It's an affectionate title for a form of Article Marketing that is so simple, a bum off the street could do it.

You're probably already familiar with the use of articles as a way to market a product or promote a company. Any time you read an article that has, at the end, contact information that you can use to find out more about what you read is a marketing article. By using a specialized type of article writing and the power of the Internet, you can actually earn commissions on products and services. For more information, keep reading! :)

There are affiliate programs and services that allow you to offer their products and services at no cost to you. The premier site for this is ClickBank, a source of digital downloads of eBooks and software. When you sign up and create a unique identity for yourself, you can create affiliate links for products you wish to represent that will earn you a commission when a customer clicks on your link and buys the product. Below is a description of where you can put your links for free!

In order to attract people to view your offer and click on your affiliate links, you'll need to "pre-sell" them and direct them "read more about it". The best way to do this is to write short, informative articles related to the benefits of your affiliate product and put those articles in front of thousands of readers. That's where article directories becomes your partner in your article marketing efforts. It's an article directory that offers its content to ezine publishers, as long as they don't change the articles and include the author's "resource box". That resource box is where you will put links to a landing page, a blog or a "redirect" to your affiliate sales page.

You can join article directories for free, and begin writing and submitting articles immediately. Even if just one of your articles is reprinted in a popular ezine, you could receive hundreds or even thousands of "clicks" on your link in a very short period of time! Don't worry if you don't understand this right away. There's more to come below!

Your articles will not only be available to readers of the site itself and the ezines that republish your articles. By using carefully chosen keywords in your article title and text, the search engines will pick up your articles as an "authoritative" source of information and put them up on their SERP's - Search Engine Results Pages. For now, just know that a well written article with good keywords can end up on the first page of the SERP's, which will bring you traffic for a long time to come.

The link you put in your resource box can be to a Web page you created (low cost or free), a blog (very low cost or free), or a "domain" that automatically sends your customer to the sales page for the affiliate product you are offering (low yearly cost). You can also get the contact information (name and email address) of your viewers with an "auto responder", to build a valuable list of people interested in your information (free or modest monthly cost).

If this has whetted your interest in finding out more about Bum Marketing, just go to Google and type in "bum marketing". Best of all, the information is free!

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