Concrete Removal Basics

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There are times when homeowners or building administrators may need concrete removal services in order to deal with a current structural or concrete damage in their property.

There are times when homeowners or building administrators may need concrete removal services in order to deal with a current structural or concrete damage in their property. Concrete removal in Ontario can be a very appropriate method to save money and time compared to trying to refinish or repair the concrete structure.

Other jobs that may require experts in concrete removal include swimming pool demolitions, spa removal in GTA, and pool fill in projects for commercial or residential properties. Letís look at what other conditions or situations that may call for concrete removal.

When you are facing a huge damage in your concrete, depending on the extent of the repairs needed, you can still fix it by a method called resurfacing. This is basically just filling in the gaps, cracks and other bumpy/damaged areas of the concrete to make its surface smooth and strong again.

However, when the damage involves deep, widespread cracks, it may be hard to bring them back to their original condition. It may also be very expensive to restore their surfaces. Usually these deep, huge cracks develop from natural, uncontrollable causes such as erosion or earthquakes. Other causes may be low quality materials used and placing too much weight on the concrete surface. For this condition, opting for concrete removal can be far more economical and practical since you can just easily remove the structure and replace it with a new one using better materials and saving more time and effort in labor.

Another situation where you might need concrete removal services is when slabs sink and during a frost heave. Slabs that sink are due to sub grade that was not well prepared. Water from rain creeps into the concrete surface and weakens the structure. Eventually, the slab will sink and will also be unsafe for heavy loads or weight.

Frost heaves happen in countries or areas where there are cold climates. The moisture that collects underground solidifies and forces the concrete up to the ground or may cause cracks and gaps in the structure. In time, the cracks become big and can no longer be fixed through refinishing.

When choosing a local contractor to handle your concrete removal needs, you have to hire someone who has the right equipment and machines to do the job. Removing concrete, especially large ones, is not task for manual workers. The basic equipment required in concrete removal includes a bobcat that has a pneumatic or hydraulic breaker attachment. It is always best to ask your contractor of the best, easiest, and safest methods to use for your specific concrete removal requirements.

Also, inquire about the cost of the whole project and start comparing the rates from other contractors. Seek recommendations from friends or family members who may know concrete removal companies that do a great job and give affordable rates at the same time.

It may be tempting to try and do the concrete removal yourself or hire a couple of friends who know or have an idea on how to conduct the removal, but this will not guarantee safety and may even cost you more money and headaches at the end. If you want things done right for the less cost possible, hire professional concrete removals services.

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