Conceive a Boy Naturally

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There are several natural ways that couples can conceive a boy without the need of using medical procedures. In this article we offer some information that could prove useful for any couple who want to find ways of conceiving a boy naturally.

1. Intercourse Position - When attempting to conceive a boy the couple need to use a position when making love that allows the man's penis to penetrate deeply into the woman's vagina. This way more of the sperm carrying the male gene will reach the egg that has been released from the ovaries. The types of positions that couples should be using when making love is either the missionary position where the woman's pelvis is raised and her feet are resting on her partners shoulders. The other position that some couples find effective is where the man enters the woman from behind.

2. When To Make Love - For a couple who would like to increase their chances of conceiving a baby boy then they need to make love close to the time when the woman is ovulating. In fact they should be trying to make love around 12 hours before the woman begins to ovulate. If a woman is unsure about when she is ovulating then purchasing an ovulation prediction kit from the chemists will assist with this. There are two kinds of kits available for predicting when a woman is ovulating one requires the use of saliva the other urine. However, it is the saliva kits which are not only more reliable but can be reused.

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