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By: Ethan Hunter

There are several computer speed check downloads available on the Internet. These tools are used for checking the speed of the CPU in your PC. You can either choose to download a freeware or shareware version of the tool to check the speed parameters governing the overall performance of your PC. You may also choose the web-based tools which you do not need to install in your computer. There are two types of speed checks that are generally done on PC's, one which checks the speed of the different components in your PC, such as, the CPU clock speed, the data transfer speed, etc. and the other where the bandband speed of your Internet is checked vis-a-vis the speed of your PC.

Computer speed check tools measure the actual performance speed of the CPU in your computer. Typical computer speed check software would indicate various aspects of your CPU speed parameters, such as, whether the CPU in your PC is over-clocked with your CPU clock speed running at a higher rate than specified. It would also indicate if the CPU is running faster than what it is rated, and whether the CPU is operating in its usual normal range.

Normally, the rated CPU speed is available on any Pentium 4 or later CPUs. The CPU of your PC should be running at this speed or below the rated speed specified by the manufacturer. Computer speed check software provides detailed description of your Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 caches as supported by your CPU. Having larger cache sizes would mean a faster computer system. The memory speed is defined by how fast your CPU can access data in the memory. This indication is usually provided in megabytes per second. The software times this speed by executing large memory to memory transfer. Larger transfer rates would mean a faster PC.

Computer speed check utilities do more than just check the speed of your PC. They have the feature to check your entire computer system, including network speed and your Internet access speed. Sophisticated computer speed check software provides you with a main control panel. There could be a separate window with graphical display showing your CPU speed and other parameters. The control panel is typically used to vary the testing parameters, the results of which are reflected on the graph.

CPU and memory timings depend on the BIOS setting of your computer. There could be several reasons why you notice your PC getting slow; your CPU speed has somehow become low or there is something wrong with your memory timings. Computer speed check software measures the actual speed of your computer and provides you with other functioning details of your PC which are related to your computer speed. The report generated by the software could be utilized to find out if your CPU is running slow.

The type of CPU in your computer is automatically detected by the BIOS in your system. The BIOS also sets the clock speed of the CPU which can be adjusted by setting the multiplier factor in the BIOS. The overall functioning of your computer depends on the CPU clock speed, the multiplier factor, and the bus speed of your PC. The bus timings in your PC determine the speed at which data is transferred. If the rate at which the data is transported gets to be low, the performance of your computer degrades accordingly. Computer speed check utilities offer several features, and you can choose the one which is right for you. There are basic tools which just check the CPU speed, others provide detailed analysis of the speed related components in your PC.

Appropriate changes in your BIOS settings can be made to set the multiplier factor in your PC which in turn reflects on the clock speed of the CPU. For example, a computer having a processor speed of 550 MHz, with a front side bus speed of 100 MHz, has its multiplier factor set at 5.5 for the CPU to work at 550 MHz. Before you make any adjustments to the CPU speed in your computer you should find out the various speed parameters which are governing overall performance of your computer. Computer speed check software has the feature to provide you with the entire information which you may utilize to diagnose the parameter affecting the performance of your PC.

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