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Are you feeling like a wasted gamer because you have nothing to play while your friends are constantly bragging about the new games they have just ordered? You have the best console but are all out of money to buy new games? Well now you can thank your old collection because you need to sell them and get cash for CDs so that you too can afford to buy new discs. Its no use to keep a huge collection of old titles which you never play anymore nor will you ever will in the future. You already have spent a fortune in collecting them all so you should not invest any more money but use the money you get from these old CDs and then buy new ones.

Get yourself all geared up to sell CDs that are not of use to you anymore. Recycle the discs to get the money you need for the new CDs. But before you get all pumped up for fulfilling your dream of buying the new games you need to know some simple rules of the trade. Begin the path to getting rich enough to upgrade your collection by collecting all the previously owned CDs. Look in every corner of your house and garage. Youll be surprised to know how careless youve been with your old stuff. Bring them all in one place so it can be easy to proceed with the next step involved in the process. Even ask your friends if they had ever borrowed some from you and never returned. Ask them to deliver it too.

Now that you have collected all the old discs from your collection you can proceed to the next step. Check each and every case to be in immaculate condition. Every case should have the right CD in it and the case should hold the UPC sticker too. The instruction manuals must be included too but if you fail to find some of them then its not a sin to be careless with games. You can get cash for CDs after you have thoroughly completed the quality checking. Remove any broken, dented, cracked and heavily scratched CDs because they do not sell. After you have completed checking the CDs thoroughly you are now ready to sell them off.

Although there are several ways to sell old stuff including games use the simplest method to sell CDs which is the internet. Just log into the internet and search for a site which buys old games. You will get many sites to choose from. Choose any site because they all operate in the same manner. Just register yourself and start entering the UPC codes. As you continue entering the codes you will see that your invoice is automatically being generated. When you are done with entering all the titles click on finish and choose the best payment option for you. Usually it is by a check mailed to your address or by payments online. Send them all your entered games and reive the payment as soon as the lot gets delivered to them. Now you can enjoy purchasing new games after selling off the old collection.

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