Comparing the Printing Companies in Your Area

By: Robert H. Brown

Ordering a printing job can be quite the serious task. It will often cost you a bit of money to get it done, and once you've signed the deal and you've set things in motion, you can't really put a stop to it at random. If the company already has their presses rolling, then they're going to complete the job to the end. And to prevent any unpleasant surprises in the end when you see the final result, it's important that you do enough research into your printing partner and know exactly who you're about to work with.

There are several factors that can affect the quality of a printing job, and of course the kind of machinery used in the printing is going to be of extreme importance. This is where your research should start too ask the company about their machines and the overall setup they've got going, especially if you're going to need any special machines used in the printing that you're ordering. If you can see the machines in person, even better, although most companies won't let any random stranger walk in and take a look, even if you're a potential client. And even then, you might not know exactly what to look for, although simply seeing a nicely organized printing room can certainly instill a lot of confidence.

Can you get any test prints done? If so, go for it but it might not be always possible. Some printing companies only take orders of a certain volume and above, so if you don't fit into that criteria, you might be out of luck trying to get an idea for the printing quality that they can offer you. In that case, try to find any previous examples of the company's work around you. If they've recently completed a job for another company, for example a bunch of posters around the city, you can get a first-hand idea of what their print quality is like. Look for small details, not the bigger picture things like smudges and blurs, color bleeding, problems with text, and so on. It's often these smaller details that can be a bigger problem in the quality of a printing job, so make sure that you pay close attention to them. If you'll be ordering something smaller, such as flyers, then this might warrant an even closer inspection, as these are things people will actually be holding in their hands and looking at them from up close!

If you can organize your advertising campaign in several stages, this can have a positive effect on your printing too. In that case, you'll be able to hire the printing company several times for several separate jobs, and end up paying in installments instead of paying for everything at once. This can not only work out quite well in terms of the final price that you'll have to pay, but it can also benefit you in the results of the advertising campaign itself, as you'll be able to keep people's attention focused on you for longer.

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