Comparing Exercise Bikes

By: Jim Hintz

'Stationary bikes have designs that even allow tinkering with your laptop while you are pedaling.' 'Bikers with health complications find it easy to control how much time they spend working out.' These are just a few reasons I personally know which makes stationary bikes a hit among many health buffs. But don't take the words at their face value. Below are some information that may just be what you need in order to healthy, fit and take control of that urban lifestyle.
Different Types of Bikes. Stationary exercise bikes are a big help when it comes to slimming down since they effectively burn extra fat. There are three designs of exercise bikes that are promoted and sold the world over. These are upright, semi-recumbent, and recumbent, which vary in terms of features and materials used. Cyclists can use these bikes while reading, having a conversation, or even watching TV! The recumbent bike has the least resemblance to the two-wheeled bikes out there on the streets. But it is crafted according to ergonomic specifications, so its pedaling efficiency is boosted. In recumbent bikes the users occupy a chair-shaped seat and do their pedaling with the legs extended out in front. The unique physical activity these bikes get out of its users increase the user's stamina and also tone the muscles in legs, arms and fine-tune overall cardiac health. People complaining of lower back pain and joint pain would do well investing time on this bike. Cardio bikes are specifically meant to concentrate on the improvement of the cardiovascular system of the body. As typical with most newer models of bikes, it only takes a flick of a thumb to initiate both hard and easy training on cardio bikes. Cardio bikes increases the strength of the leg muscles, and also improves blood flow.

Effectiveness. Studies have shown that people are able to get rid of around 550 calories when they work out on bikes. But for others, that much of calories are still small compared to what other just-as strenuous activities can do. However, an exercise bike can induce a greater addiction than other activities. In the long run, people will generally spend more time on them than on other equipment. An effect of this is that you get to achieve your health goals and targets using the exercise bike since you would end up using it more often.
Safety. For the sake of saying it, you definitely cannot involuntarily fall off an exercise bike! The chances of falling off them is really nil vis-a-vis what happens in other sports device. Making good use of an exercise bike is truly a way fun, fruitful and harm-free step to kickstarting and maintaining an exercise program right in the comfort of your own home. If ever you get around to doing this, you can get rid of the dragging feeling from repetitions of the same exercise and it can also ensure that you will stick to your routine.

On a treadmill, you get plenty of walking, which isn't that much fun. But if you are talking about a treadmill that offers an incline, then things are different because of the challenge. Read a book while on a treadmill? Careful, you'll end up wrecking your eyes with all that bouncing up and down! But you'll definitely have a fun time on a treadmill if you are accompanied by television or a movie. Some of the problems you would encounter in treadmills are actually still present among exercise bikes. But with exercise bikes, you can get ahead with courses requiring you to sprint, pedal uphill, and perform at different levels. Other models of exercise bikes offer the perk of being plugged into televisions and video games allowing you to interactively burn your calories through visual courses. While you contend with upright exercise bikes the way you have to make the best of treadmills, recumbent bikes, however, keep your hands free. You can hold a book or a video game controller while cycling. Multi-tasking is sometimes key in an exercise bike workout; things never get boring and you are able to fit more things into your hectic schedule. Defeating boredom to successfully keep up a long-term exercise routine is much easier with an exercise bike than a treadmill.

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