Compact refrigerator-good for portability

By: Mark Lopes

A compact refrigerator is a refrigerator that is smaller in size as compared to the normal refrigerators. These are known as the dorm refrigerators as they are mostly used in dorm-type settings. These refrigerators are easily transportable, use very less space and are good to go for those who do not live in any single place for a longer time. Its size generally ranges from 51 cm to 182 cm or 1.7 cubic feet to 6 cubic feet. The size of the compact refrigerator also depends upon its features and price of the machine. In some rare cases, this machine might also have full freezer while the others may contain a frosted tray near the top which can freeze a few things.
Recently, there has been a change in the trend to personalize these machines with many painting schemes and decorations. In many situations, these machines are geared towards a definite interest, like a sports team. Such decorations, many times may appeal the young boys who leave their homes for the first time and may prefer using this mini refrigerator. To be very brief, it is the marketing that is targeted to a definite demographic.
Specifications of compact refrigerators
This compact machine is a sleek and small version of the old traditional picnic cooler. This does not allow more mess, as there is no need of ice packs and the refrigerator can also be plugged into the car that has a power outlet of 12-volt. Generally, it may have as small dimensions as 7 by 9 inches. It weighs less than 5 pounds and its handle is also easy to transport. There are also many models that have the handle like a refrigerator.
While it is very helpful in many ways, it also has many drawbacks. The first thing that it lacks is the space. It can hold 5 or 6 wide neck baby bottles but cannot hold a 2-litre bottle.
These small portable refrigerators can be very costly that generally ranges between $ 40 and $ 90. One of the most popular brands of these is Danby, Marvel and Koolatron.
There are many mini refrigerators that ideally should have 42-45 degrees Fahrenheit, but they have 5-6 degrees higher temperature than the other normal refrigerators and that makes it less cold than the other normal refrigerators. The design of the mini-refrigerator depends on the brand and that stays cold for 7-8 hours. During that time, the refrigerator gets warmed up and that results in spoilage of beverages and food.
Frozen Items
Not like other stationary small sized refrigerators that normally have smaller freezing portions, the portable ones do not have the capability to let the items be kept frozen. Any liquid or food that is frozen will gradually thaw if it is kept in the refrigerator for one hour or more. The temperature required for frozen items should be 0 degrees or even less. These mini refrigerators do not get colder than 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

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