Common procedures adopted by doctors to detect and treat diabetes

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

It is often difficult to fully eliminate it from your body once it develops, but it can always be kept under control. This occurs owing to the lack of production of insulin in your body. Diabetes results in high blood sugar levels. The patient should mandatorily visit a physician, whenever he/she observes any related symptoms. Since it is a common disease, the steps taken by doctors for its treatment are similar in certain cases. These are:

• Go for regular checkups. You need to keep a check on your blood glucose level, as very high content of sugar can prove harmful for you. A doctor always prescribes a regular visit in every 3-6 months to keep a check on the blood glucose level. The standard level is 120mg/dl before meal and 180mg/dl after meal.

• Proper and timely medication is one of the most important tips suggested by doctors. Medicines, prescribed by doctors, are to be taken on a regular basis. In case of extreme situations, doctors often suggest insulin shots. However, this should be taken with doctor’s permission. Taking the medicines prescribed by doctor will keep the diabetes in check.

• Lots of fluid intake is suggested by the physicians. Drinking 2 liters of water every day is mandatory. Vegetables and fruits containing fluids are also considered to be important by the doctors. Cucumber, lime, lemon, orange, etc, are often advised to the patients. Fluids with excess sugar content, like colas, sweet fruit juices, soft drinks, are strictly restricted by the doctors.

• Controlled dietary regime makes a huge difference to the blood sugar levels and this is a common suggestion by doctors in case of diabetes. A diet rich in protein and multivitamin is usually recommended by the doctors. On the other hand, starches and carbohydrates are objected. Leafy vegetables and citrus fruits are also recommended by the doctors. Packed and preserved foods, excess of animal protein, as well as oily foods, are a strict no for diabetes patients.

• Exercise proves to be useful in any ailment. In case of diabetes, doctors undoubtedly suggest physical exercise coupled with proper diet. This is bound to keep diabetes away. It also helps to burn the fat in your body. Maintain a balanced diet, which is extremely beneficial for diabetes patients.

• Foot ulcers are often observed among diabetes patients. Doctors always dictate adequate care of feet. Swellings, sores and foot infections are to be reported to the doctor immediately. Try following the suggestions given by doctor to keep your feet healthy.

• Adequate sleep and controlling stress is necessary to control diabetes. Doctors would often tell you to keep a check on your stress level, in order to cure blood sugar.

• Prevention is always better than cure. You would often find doctors asking to prevent diabetes, rather than curing it. You can always take down a list of dos and don’ts in order to restrict diabetes in the first place.

These are certain things which a doctor prescribes in general in order to detect and cure diabetes. These tips are for you to follow and enjoy a healthy life.

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