Common causes and symptoms of Arthritis

By: Swit Milody

Arthritis is among the most common bone diseases in the world. Arthritis in literal terms simply means inflammation of the joints. Unlike other bone illnesses, this orthopaedic disease not only affects the elderly but the young as well. There are various types of arthritis and each comes with its own symptoms, however, certain symptoms are common and can be observed in various types. It has therefore been ranked top among the world diseases that result in work disability. Most people ignore the symptoms of this disease and only discover later that they have it when the symptoms are reaching the advanced stages. It is therefore very paramount that one knows these symptoms before the damage density is high. Below are some of the most common symptoms of arthritis.

Stiffness and swelling of joints

This is where the affected joints swell and get stiff. This happens due to the effect of the infection on the muscles around that area, the cartilages, the connective tissues and the joint linings. The infection paralyses the muscles hence making them weak. As a result they swell and get very stiff. This symptom should be greatly observed since it occurs gradually, and if detected and treated earlier, the patient shall have a great relief.

Tenderness and redness on the affected area

This is one of the most common symptoms, this symptoms basically occurs where there are joints, the affected area get sore hence resulting into redness and very tender. The muscles and cartilages on these areas get very weak and sore; this results in decreased performance and increases the rate of infection. When the infection has spread to various parts of the joints, blood flow to and fro these areas is limited and as a result the area gets very sore. Immediate medical attention should be sought so as to ensure that the spread of this disease is stopped.

Under performance by internal organs

The performance of internal organs like the kidney, the lungs and the heart can be greatly affected by arthritis. This disease can also cause swelling on glands such as the salivary glands and the tear glands. In case of persistence of these symptoms, one should seek medical attention and get diagnosed for this disease. The diagnosis can be done through lab tests, imaging tests and even x-ray. This system will result in overall body fatigue and if not controlled early can cause very severe damages to the internal body tissues.

Increased body discomfort

Arthritis results in very severe pain on the affected areas in the body. This leads to poor or under performance of certain activities such as walking, running, sitting or even one's professional duties. Since it attacks the areas of joints like the neck, knees, shoulders and even fingers, it can completely paralyse the whole body and cause total immobility. In case of any of such discomfort feelings, one should seek medical advice and get the appropriate tests so as to be given the right medication.
Other more common symptoms of arthritis may include loss of weight, fatigue, loss of appetite, and fever among others. Some types of arthritis like the juvenile arthritis may manifest in similar symptoms but may also include anaemia and body rashes on the legs and arms. These symptoms of arthritis should be vigilantly observed to ensure that arthritis is detected early enough and treated.

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