Common Wine Drinking Mistakes You Should Avoid

By: Stephen John

In most cases, steering clear from common wine drinking mistakes will help you avoid wasting precious money and even make your wine taste better. Here are some of the those mistakes you would want to steer clear of if you want your wine drinking experience to be a lot more pleasant and fun.

Drinking Your Wine Too Hot or Too Cold

Chances are, you are drinking your wine too hot or too cold. A lot of wine drinkers just have the tendency to drink red wine too hot and white wine too cold. First off, you need to realize that temperature can make or break a wine. If you're drinking red wine, make sure the temperature is set between 58 to 60 degrees. For white wine, it should be between 48 to 50 degrees. Red wine that's too warm will taste less aromatic, while white wine that's too cold will taste a lot more acidic.

Not Letting Your Wine Breathe

A lot of beginners think that letting a wine breathe is just an arrogant habit of so-called wine experts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Believe it or not, wine needs to stretch and relax, too, and take a few minutes to breathe after being deprived of oxygen for a very long time. This helps stimulate the aromas present in the wine and soften its tannins, too. Do you ever wonder why the last glass of wine is always the best? No coincidence there.

Not Letting Your Wine Rest

Just as your wine needs to breathe, so does it need to rest, especially after being transported from a far location. According to wine experts, this is to help the wine recover from 'travel shock,' a phenomenon that causes the wine to become dull and uninteresting. This is especially important if you are dealing with wine that has been bottled recently.

Using Incorrect Glassware

Many wine experts claim that wine should be drank using the correct glassware. Actually, you can drink wine using whatever container you want to use and not taste any difference unless you're a real wine connoisseur. At the same time, however, using the correct glassware when drinking wine can improve your drinking experience whether you're an expert or not. The thing is, giving your wine plenty of space for swirling allows its aromas to build up more efficiently, helping you enjoy the smell and taste of the wine better.

Pairing Your Wine With Whatever Food You Have

It's true that some wines can go with just about any type of food, but many wines simply don't. There's no formula to it, but some wines just taste a lot better when paired with a particular type of food. You don't need to be an expert in food and wine pairing, but at least try to find out first what dishes will go well with the wine you are drinking.

Buying from the Wrong Supplier

Perhaps the most important factor every wine buyer should consider when buying wine is where the wine is coming from. Ideally, you would want to make sure your supplier is reliable. By reliable, we imply that they provide high-quality wine at a price that's friendly to your budget. If you are looking to purchase wine online, you can get more info here.

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Stephen John is a food and wine enthusiast. He blogs about food, wine, and culture and writes wine reviews for a living. He recommends you check out WineMarket for Cabernet Merlot wine as well as other high-quality wine online.

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