Common Misconceptions Concerning Your Debt

By: Nathan Dawson

Credit card debt is something that most Americans can sympathize with. Most of us have experienced credit card debt or know someone that has. Racking up the charges on you primary credit card just seems to come too easily to most of us. There must be something about the allure of not having to pay for it at that precise moment combined with the instant gratification of getting what you want when you want it. Most Americans understand a credit card is not free money; that we eventually have to pay it. However the biggest misconception of absolving credit card debt is that by simply making the minimum payment will free you of your debt. This is so unmistakably false. By paying off your credit card debt that way you are only paying interest and the debt will never go away.

Typically it's big purchases like travel expenses and holiday shopping that create the most debt. Itís human nature to want to provide for others during the Holiday season. And who doesnít want to go on a vacation? These are all luxuries in our lives that should be used sparely. But there are also times when all those little things add up. You buy something inexpensive here and there, and then get your statement; needless to say you are quite surprised by the total.

The best way to prevent credit card debt is to never incur it. However we all know that if you never own a credit card, then you never build credit. And no credit is the same as bad credit. Having either bad credit or no credit can penalize you by having to pay a down payment on a service such as a cellular phone service or on a product by using layaway.

If you think you may have a credit card debt problem you should seek help and advice. Eliminating your debt can be a long and tedious process but it doesnít have to be. There are organizations out there helping people with their credit card debt consolidation and working out payment plans. If collectors are knocking on your door, knock back a debt relief organization.

Get out of Debt

As the bills continue to pile up, and money seems to run thin you donít know what to do. Being in debt can be frustrating and overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like it will never end, and getting out of debt on your own is very challenging. Creditors and collectors make it difficult to get out of debt. They want you to be in debt, because thatís how they make their money. However you donít have to do it alone, there are options on how to get out of debt.

Debt consolidation is a great way to customize your payment options. By using debt consolidation, which is done through a third party, you are taken out of direct contact with the creditors and collectors. Debt consolidation combines all your debt in one monthly bill. The debt consolidation organization takes over the payments from your creditors, and you pay one monthly payment of an agreed amount to the debt consolidation organization. Most credit card companies prefer working with debt consolidators because they are more confident that they will get their money back. By using a debt consolidator you take yourself out of the heated and stressful situation.

You canít let debt consume your life. You have to be able to ask for help, because sometimes you just canít do it alone. Asking for help is most important step. Not only do debt consolidation organizations help you to reduce your debt, but they can give life altering information on how to budget for you lifestyle, and money saving tips. Most debt consolidation organizations are non-profit and are only there to assist you in time of financial difficulty.

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