Common Laser Eye Surgery Questions

By: Kelly Wheeler

Ask All the Laser Eye Surgery Questions You Want

The simplest way to disperse fears and enjoy the benefits is to ask as many laser eye surgery questions as you need to. A good ophthalmologist understands the nervousness attached to eye surgery and will take the time to explain the procedure to a patient as well as to answer any and all questions you may have. This makes the first tip for successful laser eye surgery fairly obvious – choose a surgeon who you are comfortable with and who is willing to sit and chat.

While this is good advice, it doesn’t help if you don’t know what laser eye surgery questions to ask. The first step is to write down all the things that worry you about the procedure and relay this to your surgeon. No matter how trivial they may seem, if they are important to you, it is vital that you get the answers. Laser eye surgery is a delicate procedure and you need to be calm and relaxed. Hidden fears, big or small, could cause you to be unnecessarily tense and affect the outcome of the procedure.

The Before You Even Start Questions

Laser eye surgery questions should start from your very first consultation and are not only about you - you need to check out your ophthalmologist too. You are perfectly entitled to check on your surgeon’s credentials, experience and success rate. Also don’t feel like you can’t ask for testimonials from previous patients. It is all about putting your mind at ease and any surgeon that refuses to understand and cooperate should definitely be avoided. You must also be clear on which eye condition you have and make sure you understand what it means. The next question is what eye surgery you will need. From LASEK to Cross-linking, the different procedures have different implications, meaning you need to understand them first.

The Practical Questions

These are the laser eye surgery questions that you need to ask to make sure that you are fully prepared for such a procedure:
• Ask about the risks of laser eye surgery so you can make an informed decision.
• Your next laser eye surgery question should be about the results you should expect so you don’t have unrealistic expectations.
• Also ask about whether you need someone to drive you after surgery, how long before you can drive again and when you can go back to work to make sure that you have all the practical aspects covered.

The Cost Questions

Laser eye surgery should not be about finding the cheapest option, your eyes are too important for that, but realistically, you do need to consider the financial side of things. Your laser eye surgery cost questions should include:
• What does laser eye surgery cost?
• What does the price include? Is the aftercare included?
• Is there a payment plan?
• Is laser eye surgery covered by my medical aid?
• Is there a deposit? Is this deposit payable in instalments?

Post Surgery Questions

Different laser eye surgeries have different results and recovery times and you need to know what to ask your laser eye surgeon to make sure you are prepared:
• What aftercare will I require after laser eye surgery?
• What should worry me after laser eye surgery? For example, when is soreness or blurred vision not normal?
• Will your surgeon be available to you after surgery?

The benefits of this type of surgery can be truly life-changing and make overcoming any fear surrounding it truly worthwhile. By asking the right laser eye surgery questions one can fully understand these procedures and comfortably set out on the road to better vision.

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About the Author: London Vision Clinic is one of the leading eye surgery clinics in the United Kingdom and is run by two world-renowned ophthalmologists. More than anything, the staff at London Vision Clinic understands the importance of setting patients at ease and has a thorough screening processes that includes everything from lengthy eye exams to one on one chats with the surgeon himself.

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