Common Home Security Mistakes That You Can Avoid

By: Jim Johnson

Spending time in advance to think about ways to keep your home more secure is a wise investment in time and energy, as what could be more important than the physical safety of you and your family, and the protection of your home? Unfortunately, many often do not give much thought to home security measures and that just simply makes them and their home an appealing target for intruders. Here are some things that you can do to help safe up your home and avoid a home invasion in advance.

One of the most vulnerable times for burglarization is when you leave home for an extended period. It could be for a vacation or business or other matters, but if you will be away for a few days, make sure that your home does not appear to be unoccupied during that time. Neighbors, friends and relatives can be a big help by stopping by and checking on the home for you, picking up your mail and newspapers so they aren't left unattended and pile up outside. When burglars go through a neighborhood to select a home in advance, they are specifically looking for telltale signs of a home that is unoccupied. It means that their chances of breaking in and not being caught are much better. So do all that you can to give the appearance that you are still around even when you are away.

Another bad practice that many have is leaving notes on the front door while they are away, or putting out a blanket email to all of their contacts that says that they will be out of town during a certain period of time, or maybe even leaving a recorded message to that effect on the home answering machine. You should never announce your extended absense to anyone that you don't know very well as this can be a huge home security risk.

It's even a good idea to keep your daily schedule as varied as possible and somewhat of a secret even if you aren't away. Burglars look for clues that will tell them when you usually are not around, and that will be the time they select to break in. If you seem to come and go at random, unpredictable times though, that presents a much higher risk that they can be caught while the burglary is in progress.

Another home security risk presents itself evn when you are home. It has to do with who you allow inside your home. It is important to be careful not to allow entry inside the home to someone that you have not requested in advance. Oftentimes smart burglars can make it seem that they have been sent by the electric company or some other utility to take care of a problem in your home. Once inside they may distract you and steal something valuable, or just look the place over carefully in order to be abale to stage a successful burglary later on. So be sure to know the credentials of every person who enters your home and do not allow entry to anyone who can't prove that they have a good reason for being there.

These simple and efffective daily security precautions can be very effective in preventing burglary in advance.

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