Common Categories of Lacquer Finishes

By: Vikram Kuamr

If you have never used lacquer then you have lost a lot. There are many finishes in the market to offer you a big pool for consideration. In short, you will never get to the market and walk away without securing the right one to your satisfaction. The one thing you must do with passion is wide considerations because each of these polishes has its own merits and demerits. Getting a clear understanding of all that will put you in a good position of making informed choices on what suits your selection. Therefore, never leave anything to chance.

 Urushiol-based lacquers- this is the original version and it was naturally gotten from tree sap in Japan and China. Urushiol was the main active ingredient in this sap and became very popular for its high resistance to water, acid, alkali as well as abrasions. Its finishing is very strong thus comes with a guarantee of serving for the longest time possible. For this polish to fully set, it will require high humidity and warmth which are necessary for oxidation. Another thing you will like about this lacquer is its slow-drying nature.

 Nitrocellulose lacquers- this one is highly solvent and dries out very fast which is its strongest point. Initially, this polish was used with automobiles but has since diversified to get maximum usage with musical instruments as well as wood products. A spray gun is the ideal application tool since its good for use by even novices. The only problem you will encounter with this polish is its highly inflammable nature, volatility and toxicity which are very dangerous.

 Acrylics- this is yet another type of lacquers which is very common with automobiles usage. It stands out for its superior drying period which has seen the polish being used with wooden products in the modern world. The increased popularity and widened usage says a lot about its suitability as a protective product.

 Water-based lacquers- this lacquer was specifically designed to deal with the environmental as well as health risks that other solvent polishes posed to users. It is less toxic and its results have always been positive and impressive. When used with automobiles, it has to be the interiors only and has extended to wooden materials as its popularity grows.

 Catalyzed lacquers- this one is a bit complicated but still a good choice to go for once in the market. Urea melamine or urea formaldehyde and alkyd are the notable ingredients for this polish. When an acid substance is added to the mixture, there is an ensuing chemical reaction that ends up making it a durable and tough finish. It comes in two main types; pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed lacquer.

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You have to make the right choice of a Lacquer to buy because there are many types that you will come across in the market. Do your homework in advance to get vital information concerning all lacquers with the ability to Keep Copper & Brass Shiny. You will never get frustrated.

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