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By: Katie Jo

Choosing baby gifts can be a truly difficult task. The problem is that a baby in reality has no use for anything, and anything you get for them is not going to be used for anything. Babies have no hobbies or interests and they have limited dexterity and finger strength. Not only will they not understand what it is you've given them, they often won't be able to pick it up either.

However unfortunately this doesn't get you off the hook and there are many different situations where you are required to buy baby presents whether it's a Christening or a birth and most likely you probably want to as well both to celebrate the event and to congratulate the parents. Here we will look at some ideas to help you decide what a child might appreciate.

Toys: Toys for babies have many great benefits. First of all giving a baby a toy is a great way to keep them quiet and entertained and this means that you have not only made the child happy, but also bought the parents some respite from looking after them. If the baby is happy chewing on a plastic toy or flicking through a giant carboard book, then they are going to be happy to entertain themselves and the parents can relax and lean back.

Choosing baby toys though is important to get right. First and foremost they must be safe for the child and this means they need to be large enough with no swallowable parts, and it means they need to be soft enough with no sharp edges so the baby can't cut themselves on it or stab themselves in the eye. To be engaging and fun for a baby toys need to be large and colorful, and if you can make the toy educational or stimulating then you will be doing the parents another favor too.

Plush toys are also a great option here, being something that will comfort the baby and are known to be safe, but also something that the child will often have sentimental attachment to in later life.

Clothes: Babies get through clothes at a rate of knots. This is because they constantly outgrow what they are given, and because they tend to get things very messy. At the same time parents love dressing their children up in colorful clothes and they will appreciate the opportunity to do so with something you bought them. Think cute, and think comfort.

Things for the Child's Future: You don't just have to give the child something they can use now, but rather you can give them something they'll appreciate more in the future. For instance getting jewelry for a baby has a special charm to it as it's something that they will be able to wear when they are older and know that it was given to them when they were christened/born. Meanwhile a bottle of wine or champagne will age beautifully while the child grows up to become old enough to use it.

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Choosing baby gifts is never simple, what do babies want? It is for the parents really. For the last friends' babies birthday I bought some girls baby clothes.

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