Common Auto Insurance Policies

By: Fred Jones

Insurance today is covering many different things. From simple things as pet insurance to Kidnap and ransom insurance, some celebrities and athletes insure their body parts such as insure their vocal chords and soccer players their legs or feet. Insurance is now much more than insuring properties but has come into our lives. With the different insurance programs being extended into different fields, we should always look back at what we have and make sure we know what we have.

Insurance, or a risk management plan, is a management system that is primarily used to hedge against the risk of contingent loss. It is defined as the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from the insurance company to the insured, in exchange for a premium. The basic insurance plans for property that people have are for homes and automobiles. Most home insurance covers damage due to fire, but extra coverage such as flood and earthquake insurance. Insurers in certain states do not provide flood insurance.

Auto insurance is more commonly seen than people with home insurance. It is probably the most common form of insurance. Auto insurance may cover both legal liability claims against the driver and the loss of or damage to the insured's automobile itself as well. The customers may be protected with different coverage types depend on what coverage plan they purchase. Though some states require only the minimal level of auto insurance coverage in order to ensure that the drivers can cover the cost of damage to people or property in the event of an automobile accident that they are the cause of, there are other coverage plans that you may purchase.

Liability coverage usually covers the minimal coverage plans required by the state and claims against the policy holder and generally any other operator of the insured automobile. Although it differs from company and state, certain companies requires you to add people from the same address, for example, when someone from the family becomes a driving age, you must add them in order for them to be covered by the insurance. The liability coverage is offered for bodily injury or property damage for which the insured is deemed to be responsible for. The amount of coverage provided is fixed upon the signing of the contract. The coverage provided can be increased for additional charge.

The combined single limit coverage combines both the property damage liability and bodily injury coverage under one single limit. There also is the split limit coverage where property damage and bodily injury would be covered by different plans. There are people who buy insurance to cover the opposite party just in case they get into accidents that they are deemed responsible for. Many of these coverage and plans can be found online with free quotes from each websites. Many insurance companies set up websites for people to get quotes and see the plans for themselves. It is easier for people to compare prices between different plans and companies. So be a smart shopper and research away.

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