Common Animal Health Problems

By: SA Perillo

Just like people, there are common dog health problems that we have to watch out such as arthritis, allergies and cancer. They are also exposed to viruses and bacteria that if we donít look at it closely, could lead our canine friends to death. Here is a guide for pet owners so that they can be familiar with the dog health problems and their symptoms:

One of the minor dog health problems that can be fatal if not seen at once is skin disease/allergies. These allergies can be caused by different things: dust mites, pollens, food ingredients, fleas, molds and many more. If your dog is itching excessively in every part of his body, then it is possible he or she has allergies or skin problems. The treatment for these allergies will depend on the cause of the allergy, as well as the recommendations from the vet---but it can also be prevented by different ways. If your dog got allergies from dust mites, the best way is to clean your house more regularly. When it comes to pollen allergies, maybe it would be best to keep your dog more in the house than in the fields when there are a lot of pollens. You can also keep your garden clean to keep garden insects from biting him. If your dog is having food allergies, maybe something is wrong with his food, so you should change your diet and try not to feed him with food that may trigger allergies. Also ask your vet for medications and other recommendations to prevent allergies, especially if they are getting worse.

You may not know it, but arthritis can hit your dogs as well, especially when they are getting old. This is one of the dog health problems that should looked after by pet owners. Some common symptoms are: limping, difficulty in getting up, walk slower than before, and is lazy doing anything. The best way is to have your dog checked by a veterinarian to be examined and diagnosed. Then he or she can recommend a treatment for your dog. Some treatments can be pain relievers or medications to prevent inflammation. There are also supplements that such as glucosamine and essential fatty acids that can reduce discomfort and at least improve their mobility.

Last, but definitely not the least, canine kennel cough is one of the dog health problems that are contagious and can cause a lot of discomfort on your dog. Symptoms include a dry cough and mucus coming out of the mouth. The cough is caused by a bacterial infection called Bordetella bronchiseptica, but it can be preventable. You must have your dog vaccinated for kennel cough by your vet through a nasal drop, and if it hits the dog, it can be treated by antibiotics. But itís better to give your dog vaccination at least twice a year. Always consult your veterinarian when you experience dog health problems so that your dog can be treated immediately.

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