Commercial Leasing Space – Hidden Expenses

By: navjeet kaur

If you think that rental costs is all you have to pay for the tenancy period of a commercial office space, then you are getting it wholly wrong. Even so the leasing space can surprise you with a lot of hidden expenses as well. There are certain expenses that come into picture when you do not proofread the rental agreement or do not confer with the landlord at the outset of lease. Here are some hidden expenses that you should not miss to check when entering into a new tenancy bond:

Upgrading and Designing Costs
Even if you are moving to a top notch office, the site may have a need of certain improvements or designing some new things like shelves, counters and more. These are necessary improvements that you must carry out in order to make the office space as functional as possible. If the landlord agrees to such improvements, you can unwind as the expenses do not add to the rental fee. You are the one who will be upgrading as well as paying for it.

Repair Costs
No matter the building was erected one month or one year ago, there will be times when the property will be in a need for repairs. Although, owner is also accountable for few repairs as stated by the rental deed but what’s left would be the responsibility of the tenant to accomplish. Make sure that you would have enough money to pay for repair expenses that may occur sooner or later.

Operating Expenses
Remember, other than the rental fee you will have to pay certain utility bills each and every month. Expenses such as electricity bills, water usage, mutual or shared phone and internet services costs and may be more should be kept in mind by the leaseholder. Not now but later it would be added to your rental fee, so it is important to keep yourself ready for all such additional expenses.

Tax and Restoration Costs
A rental deed consists of many clauses. One such clause which is of great significance to the tenant is the tax and restoration costs which can highly impact your annual renal fees. The landlord ensures to add such clauses as he wants the tenant to pay for any increase in the tax and restoration costs in the future. Ones who are new to the commercial real estate ought to know such expenses before signing a lease agreement.

Foregoing Situation Costs
These costs is implies to those tenants who make certain changes to make an office space functional. However, a landlord wants to make sure his property is retuned in a manner it was prior to renting space to the tenant. Foregoing costs is a part of lease term and can be great, in case you have made lot of changes to a commercial office space. Do find if there is any such clause in your lease term which you are liable for.

Above mentioned hidden expenses may come once in a blue moon but if not prepared can astonish you a lot. Examine such things in the lease and take necessary help from a realtor.

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