Commercial Carpet Tiles Provide Efficient and Versatile Office Carpeting Solutions

By: Axel Price

If you have noticed that the office is looking a little drab, or the carpeting has suffered innumerable stains over the past years, now is the perfect time to consider what commercial carpet tiles can do for you. Office carpet tiles make re-carpeting a breeze and are extremely efficient as well.

When it comes to commercial carpet tiles, the word is “variety”. Many employees are used to seeing muted or neutral colours: beiges, tans, browns and greys. This does not always need to be the case; however and many office carpet tiles are coming in a variety of gorgeous and striking colours which are sure to lift the atmosphere of any stuffy office.

Before you decide to start ripping up your old carpeting, make sure you get the necessary measurements and figure out first what kind of pattern you want to create. If you go with one solid colour, it would not be a big deal, but if you think your business and employees will benefit from something a little more varied than you will want to decide on the pattern so you can purchase the correct amount of each colour carpet tile.

Here are a few examples of the different carpet types and colours available where commercial carpet tiles are concerned:

• Multi-coloured tiles—these have speckles of colour woven already into the carpet tiles to give a “mottled” appearance that hides stains very well. Think coffee stains.
• Single coloured tiles—even single coloured tiles typically have other colours in the carpet weave, but there is an overall appearance of one colour. This might be good for a smaller office that would be overwhelmed by an intricate colour block pattern, or obvious multi-coloured tile.
• Ribbed carpet tiles—these tiles have a more visible ribbing line to them so if you choose one of these types of carpets, decide if you are going to make a pattern out of contrasting the ribbing direction or if it will go all in one direction. Also be careful about the size of the ribbing. There may be similar colours, but different sized ribbings on the office carpet tiles.
• Striped carpet tiles—these office carpet tiles have a blend of pleasing colours, usually ranging from darker to just one or two lighter shades to lighten up the carpet while still hiding wear from traffic and any stains that might happen.
• Other pile options—loop pile, cut pile, velour pile and cobble are all available.
• Colour options—office carpet tiles range in colour from rust to greens and blues to purplish heathers. There is bound to be a colour which matches the existing office scheme.

After you have chosen the pattern and type of commercial carpet tiles you will be using, you will want to figure out if you are going to have a professional installation done, or if the job will be left to someone in the maintenance department. If someone in-house will be handling the project, make sure they have the necessary tools available in addition to the proper commercial carpet tiles.

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