Comedy & Laughter to Highlight Everyday Middle Eastern & Arab Problems !


More than just entertaining the average visitor, attempts to put the Arab World's harsh REALITY into clear perspective. Through simple but genuine humor: "A Sarcastic Insight into the Arab World"

Modern day Middle Eastern & Arab media concentrates on portraying society in an illusionary and fabricated, yet tedious manner. They have built the tendency of basing their ever so typical plots on dull mind-numbing issues that merely imitate each other and hardly relate to the majority of society. Empty indifferent story plots mixed with our strong inclination of stereotyping various social classes make up today's Arabic Movies, TV Series, and TV Shows.

How often is the plot filled with issues concerning feuds within and between families, the struggle to achieve social mobility, problems in the work place, cheating spouses and marriage issues? These plots are so common and typical you can second-guess what will happen without even watching. These themes may deal with some modern day problems and intrigue a few audiences.

However, these common themes overlook the simple citizen who struggles to meet his/her country's overwhelming but unnecessary burdens. The common citizen has lived with these burdens for so long that they have become implanted in their daily everyday life. They blindly overlook them and have almost become desensitized. The average civilian knows they are there constantly haunting them on a daily basis but he is too helpless to even think about finding a way around them.

Are you still trying to recall what exactly these burdens are? Can you recall a few things like overpopulation, pollution, poverty, illiteracy, corruption, ineffective educational systems, unproductive public service, lack of family planning, lack of free thinking, lack of proper housing, ignorance, poor health care, extremism, negative western influences, loss of pure culture/tradition, disrespecting women and minorities, rude/improper public behavior, animal abuse, ineffective workforce, and excessive overpricing. Yea remember them?

Hardly does traditional Arab media actually represent or discuss these simple yet common day-to-day struggles and issues facing the average Middle Easterner. But the staff have made their goal make that common citizen WAKE UP and start realizing how each burden is eating up our moral, health, intelligence and life. thought the best way to portray these troubles, and at the same time get their "points across", is through simple humor. A sarcastic insight which points back at the Arab society's common involuntary inaccuracies and mishaps. has made its MISSION to ignite a sense of awareness and understanding. It asks of its user to not just laugh and smile at its pictures, videos, jokes or games...., but to think about how they can start making a change their community.

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Haytham Fahmi

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