Combine Good Nutrition and Herbal Products to Enhance Your Health without Breaking the Bank

By: Chris Robertson

It's tempting to grab the fatty or sugary foods that can harm your health while visiting the isles of your local grocery. And in times of financial distress, we all tend to be more concerned about saving money than buying nutritional foods. After all, the foods that are least likely to boost your health also happen to be the least expensive. Healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats often come with a steep price tag. Let's explore some ways to boost your health affordably with hearty foods and herbal supplements.

Beans, Veggies and More

Beans are very inexpensive and provide a great protein-packed filler for any family meal. Cook them in casseroles or soups, or make delicious beans in the crock pot to serve with cornbread or crackers for a cheap, hearty meal. Slow-cooking your beans such as pintos, black-eyed peas, navy beans and lima beans creates a delightful juicy blend that kids will love too. Another great source of protein if you're constantly on the go is an herbal supplement shake. These can be mixed in a blender with fresh fruit and soy or plain milk to create a delicious smoothie. Substituting just one meal a day with an herbal shake can help you lose weight while also saving money on your lunch bill!

To buy fresh fruits and vegetables without spending a fortune, visit your local farmer's market once a week. These markets tend to offer more veggies for less than grocery stores, and the foods are often more fresh and tasty. Make a large pot of vegetable soup and include a few potatoes and hamburger meat or chicken to add more substance. If you have a small family, one large pot of soup can go a long way...usually for several meals.

Some easy, quick sandwiches to enhance your health include tomato sandwiches with light mayonnaise, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, plain banana sandwiches with light mayonnaise, cucumber salad on a croissant, and a variety of grilled vegetable sandwiches. Check out online recipe sources to find a variety of affordable, healthy recipes. Be sure to stock up when you come across bargain deals, and freeze or can your goods to preserve them longer.

Opt for Affordable Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements can help curb your appetite if you want to lose weight. When you eat less, you'll spend less. These can also provide a natural health boost. There are herbal supplements to improve heart health by lowering blood pressure or cholesterol levels, provide joint support, boost immunity, and rid the body of harmful toxins. If you're under constant stress, certain herbal supplements can help calm the nerves naturally without the use of harmful chemicals. There are even herbal products to help you sleep better! If you play sports, herbal supplements can be used to sharpen your skills and improve stamina naturally.

When buying herbal supplements, take it slow and do some research before buying. Look for a dependable company that's been around a while. Make sure the company can offer solid research for its herbal products. You can find affordable herbal goods online and even conduct your research for those products using search engines, forums, and directories. Narrow your purchases to one or two trustworthy sources and buy in bulk to save money. You might even consider joining an herbal product business opportunity so you can buy at a discount and offer products to others to earn money.

Keep these tips in mind and plan ahead on your next food shopping trip. Whether you shop once a week or only a couple of times per month, you can opt for healthy foods that can enhance your diet and weight loss efforts. With a little extra effort, you'll find yourself staying in budget without sacrificing good health!

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