Coloured C5 Envelopes for Your Letters

By: Glenn Jacob

Communication through emails is common in this era of digital technology. However,the importance of appropriate stationery items to send crucial documents cannot be underestimated. An appointment letter, a letter announcing appraisal result, a salary cheque, a printed order or receipt for consignment of goods and other crucial official documents must be kept in secure envelopes when they are handed over or sent to the concerned individual or party. The quality of paper used and the make of an envelope are important and lend the right look and feel to the document. When you are presenting a document on behalf of your organisation, you cannot afford to be casual about it and cannot simply present a piece of paper without proper case. As most official documents are printed on A4 size papers, standard C5 envelopes are a good choice to put the papers in.

In a C5 envelope, you can easily fit an A4 document folded once. Standard sized bank cheques can also be kept in C5 envelopes. You can also get your C5 envelopes customised with the name and logo of your organisation printed on the top or bottom corner. This gives a more formal look to the envelope and the document there in.

As per international standards, the size of a C5 envelope is 162*229 mm. The size of C envelopes is actually determined by the geometric mean of A and B sizes with the same number. Therefore, an envelope with C5 dimensions is actually the geometric mean of A5 and B5.

A useful tip: If you need to place a card or a slip of paper that is too small for a C5 sized envelope, simply place a thick piece of paper or card that is the same size as the envelope along with your card in the envelope this will help to stop it from moving around.

If you are sending a bank document, a statement with some financial information or any other document that is confidential in nature, you need to make sure that it is securely sealed in an envelope when it reaches the intended recipient. To make the contents of a C5 envelope even more secure, you can use a coloured envelope instead of a plain white one. There are online stores that keep a stock of black, green, brown, blue and red coloured envelopes. Envelopes in colours other than white can also be used for informal letters, greeting cards and for sending invitations for various corporate events.

Business protocols must be followed and choosing the right size, make and colour of envelope is important if you wish to create the right impression about your profile and organisation. A number of people tend to neglect such 'small things', but it is indeed true that envelopes play an important role in the mailing process. Envelopes do not simply act as a packing tool but also create an impression of the content inside for the recipient. Want to purchase the finest envelopes from the comforts of your office? You are just a click away from

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