Colorful, Interactive and Inexpensive Disposable Placemats

By: Sunil Punjabi

Disposable placemats are inexpensive and hence can be ordered in bulk. They are colorful and are often ideal for lifting your spirits up. There are also interactive placemats specially designed to keep kids interested in their letters, pictures and stories. These placemats are about 14 to 17 inches in length and 10 to 12 inches in breadth. While some have a plain background, others come in vibrant colors to add a lot to the overall decor of the room. There are many different uses of these placemats. You can use them during parties to place drinks or snack trays. You can also use them to protect kids from germs on tables, especially when you are eating outdoors. The placemats can also be used to prevent glasses or cups containing hot beverages or drinks from leaving stains on the furniture.

Disposable placemats can be printed out with menus too by restaurant or hotel owners who can make these placemats serve them myriad different purposes. Firstly, these placemats make cleaning the tables a breeze. All that needs to be done is remove the old ones and spread fresh ones to keep the customers happy and less concerned about dirty, used tables. Secondly, they can have the menus so that you donít need to spend time giving them the menus and then running to and fro to take orders. There are special placemats which come with an adhesive at the back so that the mat sticks in its place until you decide to peel it off. This is good for parties in your house where you may have to keep serving large number of drinks from time to time and donít have the time to keep changing the placemats.

You can also go for linenized Disposable placemats which look beautiful in wonderful shades like rose, pink, brown, azure blue, teal, ivory and raspberry. They are ideal for pubs where varied colors and shades of drinks are served. The placemats are slightly thicker and heavier to make sure that they donít flutter in the breeze or are blown away by the wind. There are also placemats with Disney characters to keep the kids entertained while giving a friendly, cozy look to the whole place. Stick-in placemats with adhesive strips can actually be carried around if you are allergic or if you are worried about picking germs on table surfaces.

Disposable placemats also prevent food from the chemically cleaned table top from being picked up by kids. They look fresh, crisp, clean and sometimes artistic too, giving you a very sanitary surface for your meals. These placemats can be carried around too like napkins especially when you are very finicky about the cleanliness of the table surfaces. If these placemats have educational designs you can end up giving lessons to your kids and distract them too during the meals, which wraps a lot of different functionalities into a simple piece of paper that isnít very expensive either. Some placemats can actually be ordered in zip-lock jumbo packs for use.

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