Colored Contact Lenses. A Good Idea?

By: Emanuele Allenti

One of the more subtle fashion statements you can make is to wear colored contact lenses. Your friends will almost certainly notice something different about you, but will they spot what it is? A new dress or shirt can make a great impact but changing the color of your eyes is becoming more and more popular. It is a good way to boost your confidence. Who wouldn't feel more confident turning up to the party with a shining blue pair of eyes to replace their normal muddy brown.

You could even go a little wilder and have eyes that two different colors as the pop star David Bowie has, although his are naturally different colors. Although you also may just get offers of assistance from others who just assume that you have lost one of you colored contact lenses. Although if you are at a party this extra attention might not always be unwelcome!

The trend for altering all things about your appearance seems to be growing. And the need to look exactly as you choose has increased greatly the popularity of colored contact lenses. Also the price of these, and many other, new optical innovations that start at a premium continues to drop as the demand increases and the economy of scale is brought into the pricing equation. Although the advance of technology and more efficient methods of production have all helped.

You don’t have to have poor eyesight to join in the trend for colored contact lenses. They are available in Plano, that is to say with straightforward .no correction lenses. Although these are not medical contact lenses in the sense that they do not correct a visual impairment, they should still be treated in the same way and just as carefully as prescription lenses. Even uncorrected contact lenses that are not to assist vision need the same e level of care and attention as those that are. After all they are still used in the same way and so they same treatment is needed.

Not all colored contact lenses are there for aesthetic reasons. Some are for specific reasons such as to help when applying the lenses. It is much easier to see what you are doing with slightly colored contact lenses than when they are totally clear.

Some colored contact lenses are made to enhance color vision. These can be used to reduce the glare of light or to enhance the ability to see certain colors clearly. These types of contact lenses are sometimes of use to sportsmen where the ability to define colors clearly, especially at high speed, such as a ball can be very helpful.

All contact lenses can only be sold by prescription and from a proper pharmacy. This is the same even for colored contact lenses that are sold purely for fashion purposes and have no medical application as with Plano lenses. This is because even if the lenses are purely cosmetic they still have the same potential to cause discomfort, or worse, to the eyes if they are not made to the same exacting standards that are required by the medical and ophthalmology industries. A poorly made and badly fitting lens can still damage your eyes even if it they’re just for cosmetic reasons.

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