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By: Usulmus Vonnaire

Pretty much everybody has heard of the term cold sore. Virtually everyone knows how a cold sore presents itself. Not everyone however knows exactly what a cold sore is. And itís certain that not everyone knows how frequent the cold sore condition really is. Weíll attempt to address this lack of insight by pulling the curtain back, if you will, on cold sores.

To begin, a cold sore is actually a symptom of a condition, not a specific condition itself. And herpes is the condition that a cold sore is a symptom of. This may come as a shock to some. As a description after all, cold sore doesn't indicate any sort of connection to herpes infection. Itís true that cold sore does seem to be a bit of a sanitized description, certainly in comparison to the overtly named genital herpes condition. The reality of the matter is though that cold sores are the symptoms of herpes, herpes simplex 1 or HSV 1 to be precise.

As far as infections go, herpes simplex 1 is especially common. Itís believed in fact that nearly every adult is infected with herpes simplex 1. So though it is true that not everyone presents cold sore outbreaks, the cause of cold sore outbreaks affects most everyone. This presents an irony in those cases where people may ostracize others because of cold sore outbreaks. The ones who are doing the ostracizing in fact are highly likely to be just as infected as their targets are, though they may not show it.

Cold sore outbreaks vary. Some people never show an outbreak, at least to their knowledge. The truth is however that cold sore outbreaks can be quite unremarkable and can go unnoticed. So the person who believes they donít have an issue with cold sores may have cold sores after all, but simply arenít aware of it. Other people show cold sore outbreaks on a semi regular or even a regular basis. There are some for whom cold sore outbreaks is a genuine medical concern. The good news for these people, and for anyone else who wants to treat a cold sore, is that cold sores typically respond very well to treatment.

On the issue of cold sore treatment, there are various treatment options to be had. Cold sore treatment options include prescription treatments, and treatments that are over the counter or nonprescription. There are also home remedies for cold sores, but many if not most of these simply treat the discomfort a cold sore may cause: they donít actually shorten cold sore duration. This may be a fine alternative for some, but most people are likely to prefer something that will end a cold sore outbreak more quickly than would occur without treatment intervention.

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