Coffee Makers For Christmas Gifts

By: Annie Deakin

One of the best smells to wake up to every morning is the smell of fresh coffee. If you have grown up with that wonderful aroma every morning of your life, it is a wake up call even if you do not drink coffee. Many people claim that the smell of fresh coffee in coffee makers is one of their favorites. If this describes a college student that you know, read on for some great gift ideas.

Usually there is one person who is the morning coffee brewing person. That person wakes up before everyone else and builds a pot of coffee. This same person may then have the responsibility of making the rounds to be sure that everyone else is awake and ready for work or school.

When one of the family moves away to college, the loss of the morning coffee smell can be a tough one. It can mean learning to wake up to the harsh buzzer of an alarm clock rather than the gentle smell of coffee.

Even though that person may still have coffee every morning, that favorite aroma does not awaken them. Instead, the alarm goes off and the person has to get out of bed and put on the coffee. Mom, your baby is having a tough time waking up on his own.

Part of the draw of the breaks spent at home is coming home to familiar things once again. In addition to moms good cooking, after that first term of college, the student knows that he or she is home when the smell of fresh coffee drifts up to their room once again.

The good news is that you can send that wonderful feeling back to school with the scholar. Here is a great idea for a Christmas present. Give that coffee loving student a coffee maker that has a built in timer. Then the student can add coffee and water the night before set the timer and wake up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing.

Include some of the family's favorite coffee beans and a grinder and your student will feel that they have taken a little bit of home back to school with them.

You may need to show them how to use the grinder and give your measurements for coffee so they can get it right every time.

If you have a student who has grades that are slipping because he has difficulty in waking up to an alarm clock, the smell of freshly brewed coffee may be just the thing to get him out of bed and to class on time. You see, it is easy to push a snooze button for just a few more minutes or to accidently turn off the alarm, but no one can turn off the smell of coffee. What a great way to get that student to class on time and avoid having to nag. Just think, that gift of a coffee maker may make the difference between honor student and college dropout.

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