Cocoa Beans and the Fierce Competition in the Chocolate Industry

By: Cristian Stan

Chocolates are always referred to as feel-good foods. They are the simple luxuries of life. However, making chocolates is never simple – especially not with the fierce competition perceived in the chocolate industry these days.

There currently are a good number of chocolate manufacturers in the American region alone. To get the biggest share in the highly dense consumer market is the goal of every chocolate manufacturer. But to make that happen, a series of strict production processes and manufacturing guidelines have be implemented first.

To make the best-tasting chocolate in the market, the very first step is to find cocoa beans of the finest quality. However, this feat is not a very simple one. Because aside from locating which part of the world produces the best cocoa beans, you also have to be assured of a strong and steady supply of it. Otherwise, the chocolate produced will have varying degrees of quality and consistency, much to the disappointment of consumers.

One of the best places where top quality cocoa beans are produced is in the Caribbean region, more particularly in the Dominican Republic. The cocoa beans of Dominican Republic are one of the country’s prime products that are being exported to the rest of the world. The cocoa beans produced in the Caribbean are meticulously grown, cultivated, and processed to become the best product for use by chocolate manufacturers.

What’s more, big farm owners of the country are expanding further into the global market by setting up offices in different parts of the world, more particularly in areas where a bulk of their products are shipped to. There are many Dominican Republic cocoa bean producers with offices in the U.S., UK, Australia, and some parts of Europe currently.

With offices nearby, it becomes possible for chocolate manufacturers to provide their cocoa bean farm partners their strict requirements as to what type and grade of cocoa they need. Some farms also allows for custom cocoa growing, wherein the chocolate manufacturers has the last say as to how should the crops be handled, cultivated, fermented and shipped. They can remotely oversee the cocoa bean production right from the day they are sowed into the soil.

These painstaking initial processes of producing cocoa bean are the primary investment that chocolate manufacturers can make. Their innovative production lines, state-of-the-art equipments, and top-secret recipes are only secondary. The quality of the cocoa beans used in making the chocolates is the first and foremost indication whether their product will hit it big in the highly saturated chocolate market.

The biggest and probably the most notable development in terms of cocoa bean production today is the move to go organic. People are eating healthy these days and they are becoming very picky with the foods that they eat. Chocolates, no matter how tasty and luxurious, are not considered as a health food. But with the attempt to make organic cocoa beans, more and more people are realizing the sheer goodness of chocolates. Chocolates are indeed healthy, especially the dark chocolate versions. However, they have to be eaten in moderation to achieve the best possible effects.

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