Co domestic violence has many forms

By: RaynaJess

In all cases, without exception, domestic violence is unacceptable. Nothing can justify it. However, it is a reality in all countries and it affects all social categories. For example in Colorado, for many women, home is synonymous with danger. Most often, domestic violence is the result of unnatural behavior of men towards women, whom they try to exert dominance and authority on. It is part of a series of events during which, in order to establish or maintain superiority, a partner resorts to force, threats, coercion or other means of pressure or mistreatment. The other one is treated as an object and not as a person with rights. Anyone experiencing such behavior should consult with a co domestic violence lawyer.

Co domestic violence can take many forms, almost always starting with verbal and psychological violence. Psychological domestic violence represents a form of violence which leads to destabilization of the victim by canceling personal perception of things. Its means are numerous: silence or refusal to speak for several hours or days, insults, screams and tendency to speak in contradictory endless criticism, sarcasm, demeaning remarks, emotional and financial blackmail (as a means of control) , harassment, conflicting orders, denigrating.

Given that the results of physical violence are visible, there is a tendency to reduce co domestic violence only to this form of expression. In extreme cases physical violence has tragic consequences. Beatings, punches, slaps, kicks down, strangling, burning, mutilation, stabbing, all these and many other forms of physical attack can lead to death. Sequestration is also a manifestation of physical violence as it leads to deprivation of liberty, imposing a form of slavery.

Sexual coercion can be done brutality, but also by insidious pressure, making it clear that if the partner does not respond and does not accept sex, she has to expect unpleasant consequences. Some women submit to their partner, thinking they have a "conjugal duty" and donít have the right to refuse or simply do not want to annoy him, not to become victims of anger.

It is obvious that women, by their nature, are physically disadvantaged, unable to defend or to initiate aggression. But there are some particular cases. The man beaten up by his wife is not a fantasy. There are husbands assaulted by their wives, but such cases are less recognized, because men are ashamed of such a situation. It would be much better if they simply asked for specialized help from a co domestic violence lawyer.

Domestic violence always affects the integrity of the other person. Its consequences can be tragic, it can generate a huge pain, it may cause fear and a state of constant stress, it can affect children living in such a climate both mentally and physically and it usually prevents the victim from breaking free from the destructive relationship. If the victims cannot escape from this critical situation, they resort to law, ask for legal advice, file complaints and let the court make justice.

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Whenever you experience such a terrible situation of co domestic violence or you know that somebody close to you is going through such a thing, do not hesitate and ask for specialized help from a co domestic violence lawyer.

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