Co-dependency is a psychological disorder

By: Dr. Karen Turner

Sometimes, we feel that something is wrong in our lives but are unable to identify its cause; and one psychological cause can be what is referred to as co-dependency. Co-dependency is a psychological disorder found in people of any age but can be specially categorized as an elderly problem. It is a behavior pattern wherein the person gives more importance to the needs of others than his own. People suffering from codependent behaviors often have relationship problems.

Many people know that co-dependency is a psychological disorder but not many of them realize that it can happen to them. It is a surprising fact that many people in the world are affected with co-dependency but they are not aware of it. It is easy to identify co-dependency, an increasing elderly problem, once you are aware of its symptoms and characteristics.

Psychological articles suggest that co-dependency results from childhood problems; often handed down from one generation to the next. It also appears to be a frequently documented psychological fact that co-dependent people come from dysfunctional families. This could be the reason why people would not be able to notice the disorder in themselves and loved ones, ad often fail to realize they are suffering. In dysfunctional families there are often problems such as conflicts, disagreements about actions, not openly discussing feelings and similar unhappy and disagreeable family situations. Even though the people in these families may try to pretend that everything is all right, there are usually many dysfunctional symptoms such as addictions to alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex, gambling, or any other behavior that makes them forgot the family and try to feel better.

These are a few symptoms of co-dependency that is increasingly becoming a common elderly problems:
• The person might face difficulty in making decisions.
• You might get hurt when your efforts are not recognized.
• You always feel that you are responsible for anything that happened.
• You always fear abandonment and hence try to make extreme efforts to secure a relationship.
• You do not create boundaries between yourself and will allow access to everyone without complaining.
• You feel guilty when you try to defend yourself.
• You show an exaggerated need for approval from others.
• You would not like lying and dishonesty and feel constant anger.
• You are always drawn towards the people who needs help and attention.
• You will not trust anyone and do not like people to get close to you.
Co-dependency is one of the elderly problems that can be effectively treated. There are many types of treatments that can be chosen based on the complexity of the person. Therefore, it is always highly recommended to seek professional help in resolving co-dependency issues. If you are suffering from co-dependency, then it is typically indicative that over the years you have had many failed and unhappy relationships, which can cause additional elderly problems or make other problems worse. However, the good news is that professional help might enable you to completely overcome codependency . There is a lot of guilt and shame in the disease of co-dependency. However, there is nothing to be worried about as professional help can lead you out of the situation and help you in live a better life.

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