Cloud storage security: Learn about email archiving

By: Audrian Cambell

Let’s accept the fact that the ever evolving amount of priceless digital data needs to be protected well, since the irrevocable disaster in case of data loss is simply unacceptable. Email archiving on the cloud hence promise to be a solution when it boils down to the point of safely archiving and retrieving of the business correspondence. The whole concept of cloud storage security has increased at a drastic level. As a matter of fact, a whole paradigm shift has taken place while making the cloud based email archiving solutions a staggering hit in offering user friendly and easily accessible, and cost saving means of storing and backing up data and business correspondences.

Cloud based email archiving solutions has been receiving immense attention

Figures can never lie and recent research conducted by the EMC and Netapp, clearly reveals the data that a year on year growth in storage sales has been increased by of 33% and 41% respectively. This clearly points to the dramatic popularity of secure data storage. However, the traditional process of data storage also comes with quite a hefty price tag and this is where the cloud based email archiving solutions play its part as a cost effective means of storing business data and messages.

The sheer popularity of cloud storage security has increased dramatically. So why this sudden paradigm shift at all? Well, it is the changing business environment, the digitalization of business processes and the utter need of law compliance is turning more and more business to e mail archiving solution on the cloud.

FOIA, MiFID, SOX, DPA, HIPAA, FINRA, IDA are some of the common legal regulations, which are applicable to almost any business. In this litigation friendly world, every business correspondence needs to be archived on particular format for random future references. Truth of the matter is that any business failing to comply with the mentioned regulations above might face some serious fines and dire consequences. E mail archiving, to keep your business correspondence safe hence is no more an option but has become a sheer necessity.

Do you still need reasons whether or not to archive your mail correspondence on cloud?

E-discovery solution: No matter how much ink has been invested in briefing the ways to avoid law suits still lawsuit might happens and you may need to produce even years old business data and correspondence almost instantly. Email archiving solutions on the cloud network thus help in making your business litigation ready.

Cloud storage security is 100 percent safe and secure: Any effective and well planned cloud storage system can thus help in blocking almost all various types of e mail threats and spam attacks. This further helps in minimizing the overall chances of viral attacks and also supports by releasing more bandwidth

Stop all possible viral attacks: The system defends the network even from the intentional spammers.

Cost effective and time saving: The complicated process of manual data recovery is comprehensive in terms of both the cost and time factor and only open source email archiving solutions can help in managing cost and time efficiently.

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Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how email archiving solutions work to help you maintain your emails storage and make your job fast and easier. Here he wants to share his knowledge about cloud storage security and how it helps you and your organization to access emails easily.

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