Cloud Sfa And Cloud Distributive Computing

By: Vikram Kuamr

Cloud SFA

SFA stands for sales force automation. It is a modus operandi used by businesses to make use of a software in a manner that automates the sales related tasks of the company in the best of ways. By sales related tasks we mean every sequence that follows after a first contact has been made to the customer by a company, like processing of an order, packaging of the same, order tracking services etc to analyses of sales forecast made by the clients. Furthermore, it takes into account the managing of contact of company's client and customers, sharing of information, eyeing the efficient working of administration, monitoring of inventories, its control etc. It also includes in itself various performance evaluated tests for its employees as well, while some get appreciated for their good work, other having loopholes are guided to overcome their shortcomings.

SFA tools, thus make available to the firm all the technological solutions driven by pure logic that are capable of delivering the desired output through sure shot measures. Customer's satisfaction of both current and future ones are taken care of under the guidance and vigilant surveillance of technological experts and consultants. What is best is that SFA lets the company meet up all these expectations within an expected time frame, no dilly dallying whatsoever increases the goodwill of the company.

Distributed computing

Distributed computing is a orchestrated computing system in between two or more computer devices. Cloud computing is by its core meaning, a specialized form of distributed computing. This type of distributed computing can be made available to the clients by the use of a distributive set of machines that are functioning through numerous different locations, though connected unanimously to a sole network communication service or what usually known as an "hub service". BOINC, [email protected] are many platforms that are inclusive of such distributed platforms.
Further more if one attempts to define the same in a slightly different manner, then distributive computing is said to involve a way of doing in things in which it addresses a large problem by dividing it into smaller ones, segregate them in accordance of their complexity, nature, character etc and then employ in multiple networked computers to work on them. Being only slightly different to the cloud computing systems, these also have promising results in achieving the effectiveness in a particular application. Capable of running in way that lowers the cost of computing, and users end up paying a chunk of amount for their usage of the bigger distributive system. Though there is nothing to be bummed about from a user's point of view too, because when resources like networking, computation, processing and storage are delivered to you in a single package, it hands you up with more power, you could buy for yourself, putting an end on to any further dependability.

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