Cloud Hosting Reasons Why This Technology Is the Future of Hosting

By: Kidman Nicole

Cloud hosting is growing into the next big thing in the technology world. Essentially, when you host your website on the cloud, the network is spread over different web based servers rather than one physical server. These virtual servers collaborate over the cloud and host your website.

One of the major ambassadors of cloud hosting is Google. This powerful search engine is not hosted on one physical server. If you notice, Google never faces downtime or other maintenance issues. The site is up and running 24x7x365. So, cloud hosting does present some very beneficial aspects.

Negligible downtime

One of the major elements that bug websites is downtime. Frequent downtimes can be disastrous for your business. When a website is hosted on a physical server, it needs to be put down some times in a year for maintenance. During such times, the entire website is down. In cloud hosting, your website is not subject to the efficiency of one server. So, even if one of the virtual servers that hosts some aspect of your website is down for maintenance, your website remains on air because the other hosting servers function optimally.

Good load handling potential

Cloud hosting is a highly flexible model since it is not confined to one server space. Your website does not slow down or suffer because of increased load because it is shared among different virtual servers. For ecommerce portals, this is a great advantage since these websites experience a sudden surge of traffic during special sales and holiday seasons.

Cost effectiveness

Well, cloud hosting is not cheap. However, you have the facility to only pay for as much as you use. So, the ROI you receive is excellent, especially because you enjoy almost perfect uptime.


Security is one of the major concerns for webmasters. Hacking or information leaks can damage the reliability quotient and reputation of a website. Security breach is easier when a website is hosted in a single location. When it is spread out on different cloud based hosting portals, chances of hacking become very limited. You can be assured of excellent security when you choose cloud hosting.

Highly scalable

Unlike physical servers that offer limited bandwidth, cloud hosting offers unlimited space for your website. So, when your business takes off and you feel the need for more space, you don't have to put in any additional paperwork. Cloud hosting is very convenient because you pay for the space you use. You can use more or less than what you initially signed up for without incurring any monetary loss.

Powerful backup

All important information pertaining to your website is stored in the cloud when you host your site on the cloud. So, all the data is backed up automatically. Unlike risk of information loss on physical servers, you can be completely assured about the reliability of cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is definitely a technology for the future because of the numerous features and benefits it offers. So, if you are not on the cloud yet, its time you changed to this excellent technology.

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These are some reasons, which have made cloud hosting very popular these days and is slowly replacing the traditional storage and hosting ways. Click on this link to know more!

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