Clean for More Than Appearances, Clean for Your Health

By: Robert Thomson

For most, vacuuming or sweeping their floors is something done to clean for appearances. This means picking up the cookie crumbs your nephew left or removing the dog hair that is collecting in the corners. More and more though, people are realizing that vacuuming is more than just removing soil that you can see but also removing the finer particles that can actually affect your health. With this focus comes a move towards HEPA vacuum cleaners.

Not all HEPA vacuum cleaners are created equal, and just because a vacuum has a HEPA filter does not ensure that your floors are truly any cleaner than a vacuum without one. The best HEPA vacuum cleaners have powerful suction, a certified HEPA filter, a bag designed to aid in the filtration process, and a sealed system that ensures air flows properly through the machine and through the filters.

There are several vacuum manufacturers out there that meet these criteria, but on a whole, one of the best brands available is Miele. They are a German made vacuum cleaner with stick, upright and canister models available. While the canister is the core of their brand, the Miele uprights have gained significant in the American market. The reason? Results.

Miele uprights are most basically, and vertical version of their canister technology. Each features seals around critical components to prevent air leakage. All either come standard with a certified HEPA filter or are HEPA capable, and all have a durable, 9 ply, self sealing dust bag. If you take a Miele equipped with a HEPA filter and test the emissions with a particle counter, you can see that for particles 0.3 microns or larger, a Miele removes them all!

The uprights all have an electrically driven brush roll that is powered by an independent motor. This second motor lends itself to the ability to turn the brush roll off while the suction continues to work. So not only do the uprights remove pet hair from any type of carpet, but they also work well on tile, hardwood, laminate and linoleum.

Powering the suction of all Miele canister and upright vacuum cleaners is a Vortex motor. This 1200W motor is warrantied for an industry leading 7 years. The vacuums themselves have been tested to provide 20 years of service, and no other vacuum on the market today can make that claim.

A durable ABS shell and ergonomic handle add to the longevity and comfort of these uprights, while a crushproof hose and retractable wand provide unprecedented cleaning reach. In all, each of these features comes together to create a vacuum that is not only extremely efficient in cleaning your floors but also filtering the allergens that can cause a host of allergic reactions. Miele vacuums clean for appearances as well as for your health.

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Kurt Hardesty is a freelance writer who focuses on a variety of topics in and around the home. The Miele vacuum cleaners mentioned here can be purchased through a variety of authorized dealers. For more information on maintaining your Miele vacuum, visit Maintaining Your Miele.

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