Classified Ads Equal Affiliate Sales

By: Edward M. Brancheau

Classified ads are usually regarded as less effective in producing affiliate sales than other advertising.. There is a way though, to use classified ads correctly to drive traffic to your website offers and make affiliate sales.

When you are putting together a classified ad, don't succumb to the urge to make it fancy. The ad is intended to promote visitors to your site and not direct sales The best place to begin is at the beginning, with the headline of the classified ad.

The most important part of putting together the headline for your ad is to employ particular words to which your audience will respond. Using a psychological trigger can help you get more clicks to your ad. To get the most clicks from your ad, use words like "cheap", "free", "proven" and "shocking". Track each of your ads so that you know which ones are generating potential customers.

A quick trick for those of you who are submitting multiple ads to the same URL is to use a format for your URL link something like this: http://www.yourdomain/?=trackingcode . --A number of three of four digits- long enough to leave room for expansion, short enough to be remembered- should be used as the tracking code. In a safe place, write down the tracking code that corresponds to each ad. The tracking codes are best when they are a random number. Thus, each code is different. Always use the same tracking code for its assigned ad.

Composing the first line of your ad is the next major task. Quite a few people have concluded that an ad becomes more interesting if you include a clear positive result of your product in the top line of the ad. The positive effect needs to be something that convinces the reader immediately that he is on to something good. This can be best done by explaining precisely what the product will do for the reader.

Line number three should detail some especially important trait your product possesses. If the feature is unique to your product, that's even better. You have to keep the reader clicking to the point where he learns the cost and details of your product. The ad should say what is necessary and nothing more. The goal when advertising with classified ads is to use as few words as you can to achieve the greatest results.

A complex advertisement will decrease, not increase, your chance of producing revenue. So do not write heavily worded ads, or you might waste a lot of time and effort.

After the ad is written, you must ensure that it is placed where it will be read. The criteria here is to find places that will allow free classified ads that get large amounts of traffic themselves. The sites and satisfy both of these important criteria.

These sites require you to put the ads in the correct topics to list the ads without payment. Don't even think about doing otherwise. This can lead to your ads being deleted and you could be banned from using their free service. And always read the terms of service before posting to these sites.

Follow these instructions, and your online sales will prosper. Just use this system of advertising and you'll see sales jump and your affiliate promotions become better-known overnight. So get to work on your ads, and watch the clicks and money roll in.

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