Civil Engineering and Construction Jobs in India

By: Deepika Bansal

Civil Engineering is considered to be one of the oldest engineering disciplines among others like mechanical, electrical, chemical, military, aeronautical, and software engineering. Civil Engineering deals with planning, designing and executing construction activities that include physical and natural structures. It involves structuring public works like roads, buildings, bridges, canals, tunnels, airports, dams, ports, sewage systems and multitude of others. It takes place on all levels in both public and private sectors, from municipal to federal and from individual homeowners to international companies.

Civil Engineering is generally divided into several sub-disciplines that could be:
(a) environmental engineering, (b) geotechnical engineering, (c) structural engineering, (d) transportation engineering, (e) municipal or urban engineering,
(f) Water resources engineering, (g) materials engineering, (h) coastal engineering,
(i) Construction engineering and (j) research engineering.
Being such a vast field, civil engineering jobs in India are, of course, in plenty and with boom in real estate sector of the country, they have grown in numbers. It has always been one of the hottest professions with high demand for experts and professionals from this area.

Civil Engineering is one of the most superior or high-ranking professions in India. The need for improvement in infrastructure to match the international standards is realized today, generating jobs for civil engineers. Infrastructure of our country is either not very robust or too old to bear the shocks from natural calamities or otherwise. Many roads need immediate repair; sewage systems require constant attention; various flyovers and bridges have to be built and a lot of other structural maintenance and development works is also due. All such activities ask for services from engineers so that these multifarious problems can be solved properly.

Profile of Civil Engineers

The primary responsibility of civil engineers is to plan and design a project, construct it to the required scale and maintain the product. Not only high levels of engineering knowledge but supervisory and administrative skills are also required. Planning projects involve site investigation, feasibility studies, coming up with solutions to possible complications and the actual structural designing. Civil engineers have to work according to the guidelines of the local government authority and get plans approved by them. Preparing cost estimates, setting construction schedules, maintenance and repair of work is also an important part of their job. Construction work also implies dealing with clients, contractors, government officials, architects and supervision of work.

Henceforth, civil engineers are responsible for designing and administering the construction of public structures and facilities like roads, bridges etc. Most of the companies demand specific specializations suitable to the respective job profile.

Like in other fields, civil engineering and construction jobs usually start on a low responsibility note. As an employee demonstrates his level of proficiency in the field, tasks become more and more responsible. The job opportunities for civil engineers are diverse as well as dynamic as they work in diverse settings varying from a plush modern office to a job site in remote areas. Also, more often than not, construction jobs may involve traveling within or maybe outside the city.

Team work and coordination plays a crucial role for civil engineers as they mostly work in big teams. Construction professionals can work in state or central government projects as well as in private concerns or overseas. Civil engineering jobs also include being a supervisor of the construction site; a managerial position in design or research and teaching in both government and private services. The option of working as independent consultants is also open to civil engineering professionals.

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