Citrine: The Wealth Stone

By: Britney Spears

Citrine, like all other natural crystals, is believed to have certain powers that work on a spiritual and material level to help you obtain, and keep, certain traits. Citrine is traditionally associated with wealth, making it one of the best stones to wear or have in your purse or wallet when you want to increase your good fortune luck.

For centuries, citrine has been a special stone believed to be the most powerful generator of wealth! Also commonly known as the “merchant stone”, Citrine brings excellent business luck, brings fortune, abundance and wealth. Citrine is recognized by Feng Shui practitioners as the most potent wealth booster for the Period 8 (2004 to 2024).

Citrine is a quartz crystal, with an orange appearance that is derived from traces of iron that were trapped within the crystal during its formation time. Citrines can be either cloudy, with a darker orange color, or they can be translucent like a quartz crystal. The type of crystal that you choose should reflect your personal tastes and what you are using it for.

For example, if you are going to use your citrine for display, then you will most likely want a large, clear stone. You can easily purchase citrine that is still in its natural form, with several points formed within one main quartz. Some people recommend placing some small chips of citrine in the wallet or wearing a citrine bracelet, pendant or necklace. This is said to help keep the money that you have, so that you will never run out of money.

Since citrine is a natural crystal, it can be costly, especially when it is set in fine jewelry. Rough or uncut natural citrine is much cheaper, and can make a wonderful display in your office. In fact, some people recommend that entrepreneurs place a large cluster of citrine in one corner of the office, to draw in customers and wealth.

Often, feng shui practitioners recommend that the citrine crystal should be displayed in the south east corner of your office or home to have best outcome. Although you may think that a citrine crystal would be an odd decoration, these stones are naturally beautiful and can easily fit in with your décor. If you want, you can even place the citrine out of sight, although the crystal is easily admired when turned into a centerpiece.

You can also buy citrine that has already been cut into beautiful shapes, such as a toad, a flower, or small polished stone. These types of decorations are easily incorporated into your office, so that you will feel the wonderful, wealth bringing energy of the crystal without having to worry about buying a large expensive piece.

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