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By: Sheena Maccy

CCNP Lab Recommendations Ok, now you are a Cisco certified network associate, I do not have to describe to you the reasons you require more than a single router or just about every characteristic of the routers. Thus, we should get right down to business. Since you can guess, all of it relies on what your finances can afford. First of all I would like to explain a couple of demands of the fresh CCNP track.

12.4 IOS is often a demand for the routers according to Cisco's website. What exactly does that indicate to you? 2500 routers as well as the regular 2600 routers are not able to support 12.4(even though you may use these as side routers). In case you are seeking to develop actual Cisco CCNP labs, get right towards the 3640 or 2600XM series routers. These are the basic two most cost effective routers which will help 12.4. The 3640 is a flip-up router that accompanies no plug-ins, but has six network module slots; you can place in different Ethernet, Serial as well as Voice cards directly. The 2600XM series features a single open up network module slot and a couple WIC slots. The good thing regarding the 2600XM series is which it includes a built-in 100mb Ethernet slot! You would even like to likewise incorporate an nm-4a/s module so that you can carry out some of your framework relay labs on these types of routers. Ultimately, you need to ensure you have a couple of these kinds of routers within your lab so that you can construct complicated scenarios.

Right now with all of that mentioned, which is the recommended approach to begin to construct your Cisco CCNP labs coming from a router point of view. It does not necessarily suggest that you will need to get rid of all of your current 2500 and/or 2600 routers not to mention start completely from scratch. We are able to incorporate them within your fresh Cisco CCNP lab equipment, even so you should be aware of that you may possibly be unable to see each and every function work with just about every router since a few of your routers could possibly be operating 12.3 as well as other 12.4. The old statement that you receive what you pay to get applies in cases like this. The bigger your financial budget is the additional characteristics you're going to get. It's just like purchasing a car. A lot more money you've got the more amazing features you get.

You will discover ideas on the exam that need a router that facilitates ISR (Integrated Services Router) features. The 1841 is regarded as the cost effective answer to support that function set and then we be certain that this router is protected in your Cisco ccnp lab equipment.
Similar to the old Cisco CCNP Lab exam, absolutely vital is for you to definitely have an understanding of Coating Three switching. We recommend the 3550 switch as which is the very best switch for the investment. I do believe you will recognize that it is really a fascinating module.
In addition we highly recommend a couple of additional 2950 changes so that you can perform some of your respective QoS as well as other switching Cisco CCNP Labs because you will have the need for a total of 3 switches. These are typically economically listed as well as will have the desired effect whenever you couple a set of all of them your 3550 switch.

A good to have is a 2509 or 2511 gain access to server. By doing this you don't need to maintain moving the console cable coming from router to router. Check latest Cisco products at Network Communications Online Store.

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