Circuit Training with Weights

By: Mel Joelle

Did you know that weight training is one of the best ways to get in shape? Traditionally, aerobic activities with steady, cardio fitness like the treadmill or elliptical have been thought of as the way to lose weight. If you are burned out on the treadmill there is still hope for you. Weight training can provide weight loss, a fit and strong body, and many health benefits. Maximize calorie burning with circuit training with weights. This type of workout takes fat burning to the next level.

Circuit training with weights is a type of short-burst, interval training routine. This type of training gives you the benefit of aerobic and anaerobic training, which means it will burn calories while building muscles. Short-burst weight training uses a moderate amount of weight in recurrent repetitions for a short period of time. A short period of rest, of about 30 seconds, is taken before the next muscle group is worked in the same fashion. Circuit training with weights can increase the resting metabolic rate for up to several hours longer than steady, cardio workouts meaning your body will burn calories at a higher rate, increasing your potential for weight loss.

Weight training is important for men and women. Many women overlook weight training as a way to lose weight, only performing single-jointed movement, strength exercises a couple times per week with minimal benefits. Most women strive for a better figure, and circuit training with weights can lead to weight loss as well as toned muscles and a curvaceous figure without building bulky muscles. Even if you are not looking to lose weight, circuit training with weights can help keep the weight off and increase lean body mass. Men can also achieve results with circuit training with weights. Since circuit training with weights is done in under an hour, the hormones that break down muscle protein do not have time to be released and instead, men will build more lean muscle mass.

Circuit training with weights can be adjusted to fit your level of fitness no matter if you are a beginner or already an athlete. The health benefits are limitless which include improved muscle enzymes, which can help prevent type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular health, bone density, mental health, and coordination.

Not enough time to exercise? Circuit training with weights doesn’t require a lot of time. Trainers recommend this type of exercise routine for 20 to 30 minutes per session. Adding circuit training with weights to your routine two to three days per week can provide significant results. This workout has a lower drop out rate than other routines that take an hour or more. Circuit training is fun, interesting and can be changed up so that no two workouts are the same.

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