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By: Mel Joelle

The Web Store for Google’s Chrome browser is their version of the app stores offered by other software and mobile device companies. It is a collection of software that works using their Chrome browser as a platform. The Google app store makes a distinction between apps and extensions. The term “apps” refers to software that works as a website that is either stored locally or on the Internet, whereas “extensions” are additions to the browser itself. In theory, it is possible for someone to perform most tasks within their browser that previously required opening separate programs. There are apps and extensions for tasks ranging from taking notes to playing games. The idea is that this is the future of the Internet and eventually all the services that people presently use a computer for will be done online rather than with separate programs installed on a computer. Information will be stored online and accessed via browser. It is a theory that assumes that at some point the Internet will be available all the time to everyone with a computer. This system of information management where everything is kept online is often referred to a “cloud computing”. The Chrome app store, along with the app stores of its various competitors, is the first step in this direction of moving from local storage to remote storage.

Advantages of the Chrome app store for Chrome users

For users of the Chrome browser there is access to software that is easily installed and almost as easily uninstalled. Often, either one of these actions can be done in 2-3 clicks. There is no need to worry about changing permissions for software or having to reboot the computer in order for a particular program to be fully installed. In addition to this, it may not always be possible for an older computer to conveniently work using more that one program open at a time due to issues with the computer’s power. Having multiple tools available within the browser takes away the need to deal with slow performance or crashes as the computer struggles to run several open programs. Another benefit of the apps is variety. A Chrome user has a selection of tools from which to choose. Often there are multiple applications that perform the same task. For example, a person in need of a task manager/ to-do list application will have several different ones available in the app store, each with a different appearance and slightly different functionality. What might appeal to one Chrome user may not appeal to another.

Advantages of the Chrome app store for developers

Chrome offers a way for developers to share their Chrome users all over the world. The web store offers a star rating system and the ability to comment on an app. There are also statistics on how often a particular app has been downloaded. Apart from the possibility of getting feedback there is the potential for developers to make money from their product. The Chrome web store has its own payment system so that developers have the option of charging money for their apps.

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