Christmas Tree Trimming Tips

By: Phil The Gardener

The Christmas season is filled with decorating opportunities, but none more special than the trimming of the Christmas tree. The style you use to decorate your tree is a reflection of your interests and taste. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

1. Many people choose to use a theme for decorating their Christmas tree. Before you invest time and money make sure the colors you choose go with your tree and the room where the tree will be located. What types of themes can you use? Well you could use a single color as your theme, such as an all white tree. Or you could take a movie such as Transformers and use that as a theme. You could take a period in your families life such as the 70's or when you lived in Louisiana as a theme. You would then pick items to reflect your life during those times.

2. Personalization of your Christmas tree can happen when you add unique personal ornaments of your choice. Specially chosen ornaments add to the Christmas tree and make it uniquely yours.

3. To save time and trouble save the boxes the ornaments came in for storage later. If you do not have the original box; get a glass packing box from some mover. Label the box before you store the ornaments for easy retrieval. Be sure to separate each ornament with some type of packing material to protect them during storage.

4. Christmas tree lights are the highlighters of the Christmas tree. The lights show off the beauty of the decorations. Many bulbs heat up rapidly so keep them away from the branches and needles of the tree.

5. Hanging Christmas tree lights means finding out which lights work and which ones don't. It's always easier to find the burned out bulbs before you start. Be sure you start from the top of the tree when stringing your lights. Work down and then around the tree. Plan your path so you end up near an electrical outlet to finish your work.

6. Store your lights wrapped around some type of spindle. This can be a large empty can or cardboard cut into a spindle. This will help to keep the wire straight and not tangled for next year.

7. When starting to hang ornaments work from the bottom up. Place larger ornaments near the bottom and then the smaller ones up top. Have pets? You may want to place ornaments a little higher on the tree to minimize damage to the ornaments.

8. If you've ever seen an evergreen tree after a snow storm. Then you know how to hang tinsel on your Christmas tree. Hang the tinsel on the outer ends of the branches. Aim for a picture like you see when there is the first storm of the season.

9. You want your ornaments to shine and compliment your tree. So rather than just putting every ornament you own on the tree, pick and choose the ones your want. This way every ornament has its own special place.

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