Choosing the right writing curriculum for Home Schooling

By: Sunil Punjabi

When choosing a writing curriculum to home school your children, you will want to consider a few things. It is not a bad idea to sit down with the members of your family who will be acting as teachers and go over a few questions. For example, will you want a home school curriculum that is structured or do you prefer something that you can take from but not completely follow? Will your style of writing instill a sense of confidence in your children by letting them express themselves in their writing? Do you want to be a hands on teacher or allow your children to learn on their own with the tools you provide? Would you like to have the support of others to help with grading and lesson planning? Is writing important to you, or would you prefer to concentrate on other subjects?

These are just a few starter questions to get you thinking about how you want to teach, which will help you narrow down your choices for home school writing curriculum. You can always visit the websites of the programs you are considering and look at reviews and read information about them to do comparisons. Here are a few writing curriculums that are popular:

Braver Writer - Written by a mom who home schools as well as a professional writer. It is an extremely structured writing curriculum that instills confidence in your children and makes them comfortable about their writing.

Institute for Excellence in Writing - One of the most popular writing curriculums for home schooling. It is based on classical education so will be the most like teaching from a regular school curriculum. It has assignments that help develop writing skills and is also very structured.

WriteShop Incremental Curriculum - Used for middle and high school students, this writing curriculum does not focus on overall writing, but rather one specific skill. Everything is included in the program, lesson plans, teacher's aides and instructions for grading. It is less structured than others even with all that is included.

Write at Home - A good choice if you are looking for an online program. Your children can take workshops and classes to improve their writing. Tutors are also available. This is a great option for those parents who are new to home schooling.

Writing Standards - Also very popular with home schooling parents. All grades are covered so can be used for families with children in varying grades.

Writes Source - Although this is not a formal curriculum, many children enjoy it. It has great resources for parents and children and comes in varying levels.

As you can see, there are many choices when it comes to home school writing curriculum. Your best resource for making the decision is to talk to other parents who home school their children. They will be able to give you valuable information on what has worked for them, and what has not. You can also find information on the Internet, and resources for home schooling parents. If you are able, get involved in a home school group where you can meet other parents and children. You may not make the best choice your first time around, but the beauty of home schooling is you can try again until you find something that works for your children.

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